Sometimes things don’t get better because we stopped doing the things we used to do

Time does not stop so why should you

Sometimes things don’t get better because we stopped doing the things we used to do

If it works, keep doing what you are doing


I believe for things to get better; we need to be consistent in our efforts.  It is unfortunate that many of start off very good pursuing that goal but somehow, we got sidetracked and discontinued doing what we started. The thing is, if something works, then why do you stop doing what you are doing. The moment you stop, a vicious cycle starts. We got to be disciplined and committed to our cause. I will illustrate some examples of how things don’t get better because we stopped doing the things we used to do.

Your prayer life

One thing I love about the Bible is that it has answers for everything. The Bible clearly tells us to pray continuously. Many of us pray when we want something and as soon as we get what we want, we stopped praying. When you stop praying, you are disconnected with God and you have opened hole for the devil to come in and when he comes, he will try to kill and destroy you. Do you see why we must keep praying? If we want things to get better in our lives and in our country, then we must always pray. Do not stop.

Your business

Your business may have may been doing so well but somehow you took your clients for granted and stopped doing what you were doing and then your business began to decline. If you want your business to prosper, do what you were doing when it was prospering but if you stop, so will your business.

Your marriage

Prior to marriage, you probably dated your partner often. You communicated often. You talked and laughed often. After marriage, you started off while perhaps for the first two or three years and then you stopped doing what you were doing and consequently your marriage gets in trouble. If you want your marriage to get better, do what you were doing early in your marriage.

Your health

Many times, when get a bad medical report, you would initially change your diet and even exercise regularly. Sooner or later, you began to eat unhealthy food and you stop exercising. If you want your health to get better, then don’t stop what you were doing initially.

Your friendship

I know many of us are busy with our families and jobs, but friendship is very important too. I know you can think of some friends who you were very close to, but you are no longer close with them and one of the reasons is because you stopped doing what you were doing with your friends.

Your involvement in the community

When I was growing up, we had a community where we looked out for each other and helped one another.  Many of us have discontinued that spirit of involvement in the community and we wonder why our community is falling apart. It is because we so are so busy with our own lives, and we stopped caring for our community.

Your savings plan

I am aware some of you are living from paycheck to paycheck but some of you also had a savings plan. You were putting aside so much each month but then you stopped and start putting your wants above your needs. You start following the Jones and you lost control of your plan. If you want to be in a better financial position, then start saving like you were doing before.

Your counseling sessions

Some of you enrolled in counselling session but you stopped. If you want to have a better life, then don’t stop your counselling sessions.


I will be writing another article on crime soon, but I believe one of the reasons why crime is out of hand is because we stopped doing the things we used to do. For example, when a crime takes place in an area, we will monitor the area for a week or so, then we stopped. 

How do we expect things to get better if we stopped doing the things that worked? I encourage each you to do the things you used to do before so you can maintain your prayer life and save your marriage, business, health and friendship.

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