Sometimes, you should confide in someone

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Sometimes, you should confide in someone

Don’t keep everything to yourself


Most of my life I kept everything to myself because I did not trust anyone. However, keeping things to yourself can be a load for you to carry and as a result some people end up taking their own lives or the lives of others. Therefore, I believe if you can find someone you can confide in, you may end up saving your life and the life of others.

I know it is very difficult to trust people especially if you were previously betrayed but it is not good to keep everything to yourself. Of course, you do not have to discuss all of your business with people but there are some things you should.

Confide in someone

Many people are suffering. They are going through so many issues but they are afraid to talk about it to other people. I quite understand that positon of some people. Do you see how many people are ending their lives? Maybe they spoke to others and maybe they did not. However, I do believe that if people find the courage to talk to someone about their situation, they may have a better perspective of their lives and may make better decisions.

If you cannot trust a family member or a friend, then confide in a counsellor or your pastor. Trust me when you talk to someone about your situation, it will be like heavy chains have been removed from you.

Your life can be better if you confide in someone. People are being abused and are afraid to confide in someone either because they are embarrassed or they don’t believe anyone will be believe them.  I recalled reading a story about a Pastor and his family who portrayed such as beautiful life to the world on the outside but in the inside of their home was verbal and physical abuse. The wife could not take it any longer and she ended up killing her husband. I don’t support the killing of anyone and  I don’t know the Pastor’s side of the story and I don’t what was going on in the mind of the wife but I believe if the wife had confided in someone, the outcome may have been different.

Don’t keep everything to yourself

There are some things such as personal goals and plans you can keep to yourself until they materialize but when it comes to your mental wellbeing, you should not keep things to yourself.  A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Sometimes you waste your mind when you keep everything to yourself. When God created Adam, he realized it was not good for man to be alone and so he created Eve as a helpmate.  You should not be alone in your situation. There is someone out there who is willing to listen and who can encourage you and help you with the situation you are facing. Yes you can talk to God but God has people on this earth that you can talk to.

There are many people who are also sick and somehow some people decide to withhold that information from close family members and friends. You see some people died just from worrying and keeping everything to themselves but if you tell others about your condition, they can pray for you and encourage you and your life may be extended but if you keep everything to yourself, nobody can help you because nobody knows.


One of the drawbacks in confiding in individuals is the lack of confidentiality that exists. However, not everyone lacks confidentiality. Furthermore, at some point in your life, you need to trust someone even if you were hurt in the past. Confiding in someone brings a lot of relief and it can reduces your stress. In addition, it may allow you to make some sound decisions.

The individuals that people confide in also need to realize the important tasks they have. The fact that someone confides in you marks a significant step for that person and no one should violate that trust by talking that person’s business to other people.

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