Start with what you have.

Be happy with what you have

Start with what you have.

You may be surprised how far it can take you.


Everybody has something. It may be your talents or gifts, cash or even a great personality. Some of these things you have may appear to be small or insignificant, but whatever you have, do something with it.

For example, you may want to start an apartment building, or any building and you only have $1,000. You can use that $1,000 towards the plans to construct the building and each time you get some cash, pay the architect the remainder of the money. Once you have finished paying the architect and the plans are drawn, then when you get some more cash, use it towards the laying out of the building.

I encourage you to start with what you have and you will be amazed how far it will take you. If you don’t’ start with what you have, you may use it on something else that does not bring you any return.

How to start with what you have?

First, you need to recognize that you have something. Once you recognize that something that you have, do a lot of research about what you have and develop a plan or goal to cultivate or enhance what you have. This will help you to become the best in what you have.

Sometimes you may have to spend some money to get more knowledge and that is fine because in the end, it will pay off.

Don’t ever think you have to wait until you get so much to start. The thing is if you keep waiting, you may be waiting for a long time. Sometimes, you may have to borrow something based on what you have and then the thing or money you borrow may help you to grow to that place where you want to go. For example, you may have the land but no cash. Use the land as collateral, borrow the money and start your project. Some of you may say well I don’t have any land or money. However, you have an idea and you can turn your idea into a business plan and when you present that business plan to that financial institution, you will get favour especially if your business plan is so convincing.

Some of you may be able to sing or play a musical instrument, record yourself singing or playing that instrument and then broadcast it on social media or send it to business establishments so that they can see what you can do, and I am quite sure, someone will call you for a job.

You can also join up with others who have similar desires as you and you can pool your resources together.

Once you have started, you need to keep marketing what you do. Don’t ever assume that people already know about you, so you don’t have to promote yourself or your thing. Everybody probably knows about NIKE but NIKE still millions of dollars on marketing.

Conclusion Whatever you have, you can multiply it and it can a long way. Too many times, we are not in the race, because we feel that we don’t qualified. The fact that you have something is more than enough to be in the game. Stop cutting yourself short and start with what you have. I am telling you it works. You should need to stop being afraid and take the courage to start. You don’t have to be in the same position as others to start for everybody is equipped with something. Find that something and start.

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