Stay out of other people’s business and focus on your own business

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Stay out of other people’s business and focus on your own business


One thing about the Bible is that it clearly demonstrates how we should live our lives. From the age of 12, Jesus was on a mission doing his father’s business. His parents were looking for him but he was in the temple among teachers, listening to them and asking questions.

Like Jesus, all of us have our business that we must focused on but rather than focusing on our own, too many times we spend our time engaging in other people’s  business.  I believe if we spend less time or no time getting involve in the affairs of others, our lives will be better.

Because we get in other people’s business, we end up gossiping about others which ultimately may lead to criticizing, judging and assuming a lot about others. We may also be busy looking at the faults of others while neglecting to see our very own faults.

Stay out of other people’s business

Getting in other people’s business is becoming a norm but it does not mean it is right. As soon as we hear something negative about someone, we spread it to someone else and that person in turn spread it the next person. Sometimes what you hear about others may not be true even though we like to use the phrase “where this is smoke, there is fire,” The reason there is fire is because we were the ones that stared it and so it sort of it becomes the truth. When you do this to people, you are hurting people especially when the information is inaccurate. Even if the information is true, it is none of our business.

People go through a lot in life and sometimes we cannot comprehend what they are going through but if you keep in their business, you make their lives even more complicated.

Learn to respect people’s privacy. Be careful what you say about others as you may be surprise to know how that information gets back to that individual.

No matter what you hear about others, don’t make it your business to tell others what you heard. I know sometimes we even go directly to the person that you heard the news about but sometimes it is best to remain quiet. If people want you to know their business, they would call you for advice or let you know.

By getting involve in other people’s business, you can cause someone to get in trouble. You can also cause a lot of grief, anger, animosity, break up in relationships and even murder. People react to information differently so the best thing to do is stay out of other people’s business.

Mind your own business

You can accomplish so much in life if you mind your own business. You will be focused and can achieve a lot. You see when you get involve in other people’s business that is time that you could have used to invest in your own business. I know it will be a hard thing to do transitioning into minding your own business but you can do it.  Don’t entertain anyone coming to you with other people’s business. Try to change the subject immediately and talk about your own business.

Sometimes , you will see some things but tell yourself you did not see anything and likewise,  sometimes you will hear some things but tell yourself did not hear anything. Obviously if what you see and hear something involving a criminal issue, then that is a different issue and must be reported.


Can you imagine having a conversation with someone and all that conversation is about others. Do you really accomplish anything? Don’t you think the world would be a better place if we learn to mind our own business and stay out other people’s business?

Getting involve in other people’s business may be juicy and sweet but stay out of it. It is none of your business. Make your own business juicy and sweet and do what you have to do.

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