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It will bring about a positive change in the environment


Gossiping is not unique to the Turks and Caicos Islands. I intentionally made that statement because some people act as if only Turks and Caicos Islanders like to gossip. Gossiping is a spirit, and it is prevalent throughout the world. It is more obvious in the Turks and Caicos because the place is smaller and may spread faster, but I have lived in the USA and Canada, and I also interact with many different nationalities and most people if not everybody likes to gossip.

It is very tempting to gossip and many times when we gossip, it involves negativity. It also involves sometimes information that is not factual. In fact, we don’t even conform the story, we just spread it like wildfire and now with technology it is spreading faster. Gossiping is wrong and I know it is difficult to overcome but let us try to replace gossiping with prayer.

Stop gossiping

I know some may argue that there is nothing wrong with gossiping as it is part of life. The thing is we have made gossiping a part of life, but it does not mean it is the right thing to do. Wouldn’t it be nice if our gossiping was positive whereby, we are spreading compliments and saying good things about individuals, but we know when we gossip, it is mostly something negative. If we don’t watch out, gossiping can cause a lot of hurt and danger to others. Is this what we really want? It is hard to stop gossiping but we can try. The first thing you do is to ask God to remove that spirit of gossiping from you. It may not go away overnight but practice to stop gossiping. Walk away from the gossip or change the topic and say something positive. Be conscious of what you say about others. Try to be silent and mind your own business.  The gossip may be sweet and juicy but leave it where you heard it and don’t spread it to someone else.

Start praying

When the opportunity arises for gossiping, be alert and pray for that person. Pray is the key for anything and that is why we must always pray. Let constant praying become a part of your life where it reaches a point where you are so passionate about it and that is all you want to do. I believe if you do that, you will draw closer to God and want to live more like God and therefore you will lose your desire to gossip. After all, God is love and he wants us to love one another and if we do, then we should not be gossiping about others.

The word of the Lord tells us to pray without ceasing. We do not have to wait until we are in trouble to pray. We need to pray everyday and many times throughout the day. Do not just pray for yourselves, pray for others. Do not just pray for things but give thanks and praises to God. If you do not how to pray, read the word of God and repeat the word of God as your prayer.


We focused so much on gossiping about others, and I don’t even know if we realize what we are doing.  The sad thing is that some of us want to use our mouths to talk about God and then turn around and use that same mouth to gossip about others. God is not pleased. If we want a better and positive environment, stop the gossiping, and start praying.

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