Stop thinking negatively about people because of their past.

Stop thinking negatively about people because of their past.


People have made mistakes and continue to make mistakes. Some people are trying their best to transform their lives and when they do, we remind them of their past as if some people cannot be transformed. People do change. No one is perfect. We all have made mistakes but we are so busy looking at the mistakes of others that we forget that we too have made mistakes. Mind you I am gullible and quite aware that some people have not changed their ways but this article is about people who have genuinely changed and trying to make a difference.

Someone may have cheated on their spouse once but they are labelled as a cheater for life. Someone may have stolen something once but they are labelled as a thief for life. Have we forgotten some of the stories in the Bible where some people had performed some terrible acts in the past yet God use them in a mighty way?

Sometimes it takes people with a messy past to help others because they can relate more to what others are going through. For example, a former drug addict who has recovered maybe the best person to help other drug addicts to recover.

Moses was a murderer

Moses was a murderer. He killed an Egyptian for beating a Hebrew. Despite this past, God used Moses to bring the people out of Egypt. When you hear about Moses, very rarely do you hear about his past. You hear the story about how he went to Pharaoh to demand he let his people go. You also hear the story about how he crossed the Red Sea with the Israelites. You also hear about how he went to the Mount. So despite his past, he was used by God and in today’s world, would probably be consider a hero.

Rahab was a prostitute and she lied

Rahab was a prostitute but she is known for hiding the Israelites. We look down on prostitutes but God used Rahab to protect the Israelites. There are people who had sex with multiple partners and they have changed but no matter what they do we always labelled them as a prostitute or remind others about their past. Rahab end up being part of the lineage of Jesus.


David is considered one of the best Kings in the Bible but he had a messy past too. He slept with Uriah’s wife and turn around set up Uriah to die. Today many of the Psalms we read were written by David. Yet today there are people who are encouraging others to do better by sharing their stories, we remember their past. Most times we just talk about how they cheated on their spouse.


Paul persecuted Christians. Paul’s life was transformed and today most of the books in the New Testament that we read were written by Paul.  There are people who have done a lot but yet we refuse to read or listen to their transformation simply because of their past or we don’t think they changed


No matter your past or current situation, God can use you. If he used a murderer, a prostituted, a Christian persecutor and an adulterer, he can use you too. As long as you know that you have transformed, don’t be concern about people reminding you about your past.

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