Storms will always come but God always sees us through

The storm is coming!

Storms will always come but God always sees us through

Always be prepared before, during and after a storm


The Hurricane Season is from June 1st to November 30th, and so more than likely a Hurricane is expected to occur during this time. The good news is that we get warnings when a Hurricane is about to come and so we have time to prepare for the storm. Before I proceed further, let me highlight the efforts of Paul Wilkerson who on a voluntarily basis keeps us informed about the weather conditions through a page he created called the Turks and Caicos Islands Weather Information.

I know many of us have been praying and hoping that the Hurricane did not come but it came. Perhaps you are questioning God why he allowed these things to happen when we ask for them not to happen.  I don’t know the answer but what I do know is that we will experience storms in our lives and God will be right there in the midst.

The Turks and Caicos has been so blessed over the last couple of Hurricanes in that no lives were lost. The things that we lost such as our roof tops or houses can be and will be restored. In fact, you may get something better than what you had before.

Be prepared

In preparation of a storm, we are always advised to be prepared. Preparation is the key for any storm. You may not be able to control the storm, but you can certainly prepare for it by ensuring that you have all the necessary things in place, and follow the guidelines, before, during and after the storm. Some of us do not take precaution and we end up suffering as a result.

Like a Hurricane, we will also experience other storms in our lives, and we can apply the same principles and guidelines that we did for a hurricane. Be prepared for the storms. Unlike a hurricane, we may not get a warning as a storm may certainly creep up on you, so it is best to be alert and be conscious that storms will take place.  Of course, you may ask how to prepare for an unexpected storm. All I can say is to be calm and have faith and remember God is with you and he will restore your losses.


No one wants to experience storms in their lives, but storms will take place among the good and the bad. Look at the story about Job who was a righteous man but experience so many storms. He lost his children and fortune, but God restored him twice with as much as he had before. During the storms in his life, Job remained faithful and calm, and he maintained his integrity. What about you?  The way you prepare before, during and after the storm determines how the storm will impact you.

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