Take the lead

Black businesswoman taking the lead in the meeting room

Take the lead


Too many of us are afraid to take the lead. We are afraid for a number of reasons but whatever your reason is, it is time to step out of your current condition and take the lead. Take the lead in your home, your workplace, your community and your church. You do not have to wait until someone identifies you and put you in a position to lead. If you are waiting to be chosen, you may be waiting for a long time because sometimes people may not even know your abilities. Unfortunately, there are some that know your abilities and you are still overlooked.

Therefore, if you are interested in doing something, take the lead. I recalled when the position for a local to become the CEO of Cable & Wireless became available, there was only one person that that was identified to assume the position. However, I felt that I was capable of leading the company and so I took the initiative and applied for the position. I was selected as the first local CEO and remained in that position for seven years. While the other candidate was equally qualified, the point that I am making is that if I did not take the lead in applying for the position, I would have never gotten the post.

Take the lead in your home

Take the lead in your home. There is so much disruption in the home because fathers and mothers are not taking the lead. They rather be mad with each other for days and weeks without one of them taking the initiative to take the lead to resolve the issues. I believe there are solutions for all issues and solving the issues requires leadership. Children are out of hand in the home because we as parents are not leading our children. We are allowing them to lead themselves and we are not leading and living by example. Our homes can be restored if we take the lead. Marriages can be saved if we take the lead.

Take the lead in the workplace

Even though you have a schedule of duties to perform in the workplace, learn more than what you are required to do. Do more than what you are required to do. Don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do. Be proactive. You see when you take the lead in the workplace, there is a great chance that you will be recognized and ultimately get promoted. Don’t worry about failing. Don’t worry about what others would think. Don’t worry about your educational background. Don’t worry about the competition. Be bold and take the lead in the workplace. Dont be afraid to make suggestions or ask questions.

Take the lead in the community

Our community is in great need of leaders. You do not have to be a politician to make a change in the community. I admired individuals who are taking the lead in the community. There is a gentleman named Jeffrey Nicolas who is taking the lead in the community by doing regular clean up campaigns. I think this is commendable and many others should do their part in taking a lead in the community. It does not have to be clean up campaigns. There are many other things that are lacking in our communities and these things can be resolved if we have the right people taking the lead.

Take the lead in the Church

You do not have to be a pastor or hold leadership position to take the lead in the church. All of us have different gifts. Whatever your gifts are, use them. Do not become discouraged because other peeople’s gifts appear greater than yours. Just do what you were called to do and take the lead in spreading the word of God even if you do not have a postion in the church. The church is not the four walls. Do not be caught up in trying to get position and titles in the four walls. There is a lot of work to be done outside the four walls and yes there is alot of work to be done inside as well. The point is take the lead whether inside or outside.


There is no need to be passive or just be a follower. There is something that God has equipped all of us with and whatever we have, we can use it to take the lead whether it is in the home, the workplace, the community and the church. Everybody has the ability to take the lead in something. Showcase what you can do and then take the initiative and take the lead to do what you can do.

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