Take the risk

Take the risk


As you make your fresh start this year, learn to get out of your comfort zone and take the risk to move to the next level. If you do not take the risk, you may not know what the outcome would have been. Even if the outcome is negative, it does not mean you should not have taken the risk. This is what taking risk is about, the output may be favourable or unfavourable.  

In Matthew 25:14-30, there is a parable of the bags of gold in which the master gave one of his servants five bags of gold, he gave another one, two bags of gold and he gave one bag of gold to the other servant. Afterwards, the master left them. The one with the five bags invested them and gain five more. Likewise, the one with the two bags of gold invested them and gain two more. However, the one with the one bag of gold did not invest but rather hid it in the ground. Now when master returned, he was very pleased with the servants that had five bags and two bags respectively. In fact, because of their returns, he put them in charge of many things.  The master dealt very harshly with the servant who had the one bag of gold. He referred to him as lazy and wicked. He even took the one bag of gold away from him and gave it to the one who had 10 bags of gold.

Do not be afraid

The man with the one gold of bag told his master he was afraid so he did invest. How many of you are afraid to take the risk? You are not doing anything with the little that you have while others are taking the risks and prospering. Then when you see them prospering you are spreading rumours about their condition. Rather than spending time wondering how others are doing or how they got to where they are, why don’t you stop being afraid and take the risks.

God has given each of us an ability. Find out what your abilities are, invest in them and you will get a return. If you do not take the risk, you may lose the little that you have similar to the man with the one bag.  On the other hand, if you take the risk, you may gain more.

You and I know what we have, are not enough but it is a start. Therefore, it is incumbent on you to do something with what you have so that it can grow into something bigger and better. You see people with enough and more than enough continue to take risks to get more. Therefore do not let fear stop you from taking the risks.

If you afraid, don’t just not do anything but seek advice from the right people or right resources on how to take the risks. There are people who are specialists and there are people who have already gone through what you are trying to get to so take advice from these people and take the risks and maximize your potential.


I know many of us are afraid to take risks but if you are desperate enough for something then maybe you would take the risks. I conclude with the story about the woman in the Bible who was bleeding for twelve years. She was tired and desperate for healing and so she took the risk by touching the hem of Jesus and immediately she was healed. Take the risk and live an abundant life.

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