Thank you, Police Officers, for being visible in our community.

Law Enforcement!

Thank you, Police Officers, for being visible in our community.

Your presence is a deterrent to some of those involved in illegal activities.


When things are not going right, many of us make a big issue about it by criticizing and blaming the relevant individuals. On the other hand, when things appear to be going right, many of us remain quiet and don’t give thanks or show appreciation.

The Turks and Caicos continues to face so many criminal activities and many times we blame the Police. While we must hold the Police, especially the Police Commissioner, accountable for catching these criminals and making sure there is adequate evidence against these criminals, the reduction in criminal activities requires all of us to do our part. However, this article is not about that but rather to thank the police officers for being visible in our community.

I cannot speak for the other communities on the island of Providenciales nor the other islands, but I must say it is great to see the presence of police officers in my area every evening as I pass to go to my home in Chalk Sound.

Thank you.

Many of us have been advocating for more visibility of the police officers in the community. In fact, being visible in the community should be a requirement of our police officers. We should not wait until a crime takes place to become visible.

For the past couple of weeks, I was very surprised to see policer officers and police vehicles on a nightly basis in the vicinity as you enter the road to go to Five Cays. This was a breath of fresh air and a welcome to us.

Therefore, I want to use this medium to thank the police officers publicly for being there. It makes me feel better knowing that the police are not only visible in the community but also checking vehicles. I personally think it is a deterrent to criminals. When the criminals are aware of the presence of police officers, I think they will think twice before they commit their criminal activities. The Police’s presence also will keep some of these illegal jitneys off the streets. It will also encourage some individuals to make sure that the licensing of their vehicles is current.


While I am grateful for presence of the police officers, I also want to challenge them to remain consistent in their visibility in the community.  Too many times, we start something and then we discontinue until something happens.

I also hope that you are not only visible in one community. Your presence is needed in all the communities because if you are in only one community, it is possible that the criminals may be making plans to carry out their criminal activities in other communities where there is a lack of police presence.

Again, thank you Police Officers for being visible in my community. I also want to encourage others to thank the police officers when they are doing something right. I know some critics may say why thank them for doing their job. A thank you is an encouragement and goes a long way.

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