Thank you Ryesha Higgs for empowering our children through dancing.

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Thank you Ryesha Higgs for empowering our children through dancing.


There are so many adults and teenagers today who are suffering from low self-esteem because of how they were treated as children. Therefore, it is important that all of us do our part in empowering our children so that our children can become happy and confident individuals and as a result be productive citizens in our community. There are many ways in which we can empower our children and one way to do so is through dancing.

Therefore this article is dedicated to Ryesha Higgs who recently completed two weeks of an intensive dance program on the island of Providenciales. My wife and I had the pleasure of attending this event and we were very impressed with this excellent initiative.

Ryesha Higgs is doing her part

Ryesha Higgs is a Biomedical Science student at Kings College London, however, she is gifted in dancing and has been dancing since she was 5 years old. She completed a one year program at the Ailey School in Manhattan. She then studied two years of classical ballet at the Dance Theater of Harlem.

Ryesha Higgs has been doing this intensive program for the past four years. This year, sixty seven students participated in this program. I am not sure how she was able to train all of those students successfully but she did it with no flaws.

Thank you Ryesha for sacrificing your personal finances and your summer break time for imparting your dancing knowledge and talent to our children. Because of your gift, you have made dancing fun for so many children and a result empowered them. Thank you for contributing significantly to our community with your gift from such a young age.

The Benefits of Dancing

At the end of the show, Ryesha revealed an interview she conducted with the students and they were all excited to be a part of this program. Based on the interview, some of the children said that the dancing program made them feel good, it gave them an opportunity to express themselves, it relieved stress and allowed them to be focused.

You see many of our children are suffering from low self-esteem, some of our children do not have any confidence in themselves, some of our children are very shy, some of our children are treated differently depending on their size and colour.

At the Ryesha Higgs Summer Intensive Show there were children of different sizes and colour and these children exhibited so much confidence and team work over the weekend.


Many of us may not have the talent of dancing but we certainly have other gifts and talents. Whatever you have, let us do our part in helping others.

Our young people need guidance. We talk the talk that our youth is the future. Rather than just talking, let us do our part by training our young people, mentoring our young people and supporting our young people like what Ryesha Higgs is doing.

Due to the positive impact of dancing, I highly recommend that we incorporate dancing for boys and girls as part of our extra curriculum activities in all of our primary and secondary schools.

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