Thanks to COVID 19 – It is a different world now.

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Thanks to COVID 19 – It is a different world now.


As a result of the impact of COVID 19, the world will not be the same anymore. The COVID 19 has forced us to do things differently and this may be the way forward on how we live and work.  It is no longer business as usual. We are in a world now where the economic outlook looks bleak. We are in a world now where we have access to multiple churches simultaneously online.  We are in world now where some of us are forced to work remotely. We are in a world now where the disparity between the haves and have nots may widened. We are in a world now where there is an increased use of educating individuals online. Despite it being a different world now, it does not mean that your world must fall apart. It may take a while to get use to this different world, but we will, and we will triumph.

Working remotely

Working remotely is not new, however, with the lockdown and curfew measures in place, many of us had no choice but to work remotely. Now that we are working remotely from home, many of us now need to reevaluate our plans as to whether we really need to expend money on rent or purchase a building to accommodate employees when they can work remotely.  I believe going forward more companies will encourage their employees to work from home. This will save companies significant amount of money. Unfortunately though, this will not be good news for landlords.  However, landlords can be creative and rent office space to companies by the hour or days when the need arises for companies to meet with clients and suppliers.  Of course, working remotely will not be applicable to all companies.

Online Education

As a result of the closure of schools due to the COVID 19, most teachers resort to teaching students via online. Of course, many Universities already had this option whereby students were able to obtain their degree through online studies.  Now that online education is in place for elementary, secondary and tertiary education, will this be trend going forward. It is certainly something we should think about especially for colleges and University. In TCI, we have two branches for our community colleges. Perhaps we can implement the online option at our local community college whereby courses can be taught simultaneously for the entire TCI.

Personally, for me, I like the traditional form of education whereby you are in the classroom and interacting with other students. To me this is also education. However, it is a different word now where every dollar counts and so rather than having multiple college campuses and spending significant money on building new classrooms, perhaps we seriously need to explore online education.

The Haves and the Have nots

Prior to the COVID 19, we always had the haves and the have nots, the rich and the poor. Now some of the “haves” have become have nots and some of the have nots have gotten worst.  Many businesses are currently not operational and as a result they are not able to pay their employees. Some of these employees were already living from paycheck to paycheck and so they will find themselves in a worst predicament. However, in order to survive we cannot remain in the have not state and so we will have to be creative and think outside of the box in this different world.


Even though it is a different world now, all is not lost. I know many of us are worrying about what to do next given the current circumstances. We have to learn to cope in this new world and one way to do so is to be innovative. I encourage many of us to enroll in some classes online and pursue that passion that is bubbling up inside of you. We can do this no matter how different the world has become. While we may experience some setbacks in our lives, I believe things will get better eventually.

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