The breakdown in society – Part 1

Father and son with laptop

The breakdown in society – Part 1

The absence of fathers in key positions in key positions


There was perhaps never a perfect society but the society we have today is not the same society we had in the past. Society has collapsed and one of the reasons why society has collapsed is due to the absence of fathers in key positons in society. Yesterday, many countries in the world celebrated Father’s Day and while it is an honour to set aside a day to celebrate Father’s Day, some men do not deserve to celebrate Father’s Day because they have not lived up to their responsibility.

Many men are absent in key positions in the home, church and work and due to their absence, this has contributed to a breakdown in society. Some young men are turning to gangs, drugs and sex due to the absence of their fathers in their lives. Fathers, perhaps you do not realize what your absence is creating but I do hope after reading this article, you are provoked to change your mindset.

Absent in the home

Too many fathers are absent in the home where their children reside and as a result many mothers are raising children on their own. Some of them are doing a great job in raising their children alone but it is a struggle for many. Imagine a mother having to raise only boys. There are some things that a mother cannot or should not do on her own in raising children even though she tries her best. A child needs the presence of both the mother and father in the home. The father does not necessarily has to be physically in the home but he should be present in the life of his children on a regular basis.

You see when the father is absent, children turned to other people and things to fulfil that void. Mind you some children have done well without a father around but not all children are the same. Some children end up joining gangs because the gangs offer them something that their father did not offer. The gang offers them support and hope and this should be something that fathers should provide to the fathers. Some children are so bitter and resentful because their father was not around and as result they have built up a lot of anger and resentment. As a result, they create a breakdown in society by using drugs which in turn lead to a chaotic life. Some young men become lonely due to the absence of their father and they engage in sex to satisfy their loneliness. So many men have multiple women and have children by multiple women and the circle continues from generation to generation.

Absent in the church

I believe the church plays an important part in uplifting a society. However, there is major absence of men in the church. Some men do not see the need to go to church. Some of them have become educated and they now thing that church is irrelevant.  Some men are too busy working and do not have time for church. Some men used women as an excuse as to why they are not going to church. They say that women should not be leaders in church. You see one of the reasons why women are leaders in the church is because there are inadequate men in the church.

The church is a training ground for our society and when there is absence of men in the church, it creates a breakdown in society. The breakdown is created because society is not being taught what the word of God says. Society is being taught to act and behave on how you feel.

Absent in the workforce

While many men are working, a lot of key positions in the workforce are now being held by women. There is nothing wrong with that but the lack of men in key positions is sending a mixed signal in society. In the Turks and Caicos Islands, many of the key positions are held by women. This is one country where we cannot say that there is gender inequality.

Today many women do not see the need for men. They are very independent and like it or not, this too is creating a breakdown in society. Also with lack of men in key positions in society, our young men do not have many roles models to look up to. Soon it may become a trend whereby men are not in key positions. Mind you, I believe the best person should be in the position whether it be a man or woman but man has to be very careful about not being in key positions.

Even if men are not in key positions, they must be present in the workforce. There are some men who are not working and are refusing to work and the women are the ones who are providing the financial support.


The role of men in society is a key to a better society. Therefore it is important than men be visible in the home, church and workforce.

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