The breakdown in society – Part 2

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The breakdown in society – Part 2


In part 1 of the breakdown in society, I focused on the absence of men in key positions in the home, the church and the workforce being one of the reasons why there is a breakdown in society. However, I believe the main reason there is a breakdown in society is the fact that many of us have put God on the back burner or even put God out of our lives.

You see if we have God at the center of lives and live according to his word, our society will not be in the state that we are in. We have replaced the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob with other Gods. Some of us have become so educated that we do not even believe the existence of God. Some of us have put our jobs and our families above God when in fact it is God who provided us with the jobs and our families.

Some of us have allow others to come to our countries and influence us to get rid of our God whether it be in the classroom or the home. I am convinced because we have turned our back on God, our societies have collapsed.

God is on the back burner in many of our lives

How many of us spend time in the word of God? How many of us pray on a regular basis? How many of us go to church and fellowship with others? How many of us are spreading the word of God. Are you telling your family about the word of God? Are you spending all of your time and energy acquiring material things and you are too tired to spend time with God?  Are devotions allow at your school or the workplace?

Based on your answers above, it will indicate to you whether or not you have God on the back burner. When you put God on the back burner that means someone or something is on the front burner and you have allow the devil to creep into your life. When the enemy comes into your life, be prepared for a breakdown in society. A society that now says that everything you do is now normal when the word of God directs us what is good and what is evil.  When everything you do becomes normal, the result is a chaotic society and a chaotic society leads to a breakdown in society.

Put God back to the front to restore the society

The best solution to restore a collapsed society is to put God back at the front. If you put God first, success will always follows. Yes there are people who are “successful” that do not put God first but if you were to review further into the lives of these individuals, you will see even though they are successful from a financial point of view, they have created a havoc in society either through their songs or their lifestyles. Unfortunately, many people mimic these individuals causing a breakdown in our society. They do whatever they want to do and however, they feel but if they do what God says to do, the society will be restored.


If we are convicted that the society has collapsed because of putting God on the back burner, then the answer for an improved and better society is to put God first in everything we do. Let us try doing that and I know we will see a turnaround for the better in our society.

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