The invisible politicians are now becoming visible.

Turn the invisible into the visible. Quote. Scrabbles.

The invisible politicians are now becoming visible.

You have the power to make them invisible again.



It is this time of the season when people whom you have not seen or heard from for years suddenly become visible. Individuals are now in your face making noise and writing articles because they are looking for your vote. Mind you, there are some individuals who remain invisible because they know if they run in a particular area or on a particular party, they will win anyway.

However, they can only win through you. You have more power than you realize. The same way they were invisible to you, you can become invisible to them, or you can make them invisible again by not voting for them.

Be always visible.

I know there are some individuals who may have just decided to run but I believe these individuals are few. I think most people had intentions of running a long time and if that is case, you should have been more visible. Do not wait until the election year to become visible. Get involved in community events. Host community events. Speak out publicly on issues. Educate the public about what is going on. Check regularly on the people in the community. Listen to their concerns and try to address them. There are some things that can be done without being a member of Parliament. Guide and train people on how they can become better in what they do. If you do not know what to do, then find people who can help them. While I encourage you to be visible, it does not mean you should be taking and posting pictures of everything you do.  Be sincere in whatever you do. Also don’t be visible just to say you are visible, address the pertinent and pressing issues affecting individuals.

Stop being invisible.

It is becoming a trend now when some politicians (whether they win or not) become invisible after an election. Isn’t it amazing how some of these individuals appear to forget you. Maybe they haven’t forgotten you, maybe are reaching out to you privately but one thing I know is that they are very visible during this time of the the year.

You have the power.

You as the electorate have a lot of power. One vote does make a difference. Likewise, when you don’t vote, it also makes a difference. Voting for people who you know will make a significant impact. Vote for individuals who you know will be there for you and the community whether they win or not.

Too many politicians want to use you. They know they can only get in power because of you. Do not let any politician or political party use you. Remember you have the power.


It is time we teach some of these politicians a lesson or two. Aren’t you tired of falling for the same political tactics every four years? There are some people though that have remained visible. Of course, not because someone is visible means that you should also vote for them. Be wise. Be smart. Do not be gullible.

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