The linkage between income inequality, unemployment and robbery.


The linkage between income inequality, unemployment and robbery.


One of the major crimes taking place in our country is robbery. Robbery has been going on for years, however it has increased so much until it appears like a norm in our country. Robbers are invading homes and businesses and demanding cash from them during the day and night.  They are taking people’s bank cards and going to the bank to withdraw cash. Some of the robbers allegedly threatened to shoot victims if they go to the bank and no cash is on their account. Unfortunately, some of the robbers were successful in obtaining cash but still shoot and kill individuals. How sad?

As a result of all the robbery coupled with the shooting and the killing, there is an atmosphere of fear in our country. People are afraid. In fact, some people are afraid to stay in their own homes and even afraid to live in our country.

It is so out of hand that the banks imposed a curfew on the ATMs. All drive thru ATMS were not accessible after 7pm daily. However, I am not sure it is still in place.

It is so bad that people are being encouraged to leave cash in the bank account in the event they get robbed.

The million dollar question is “Why is there so much robbery?”

Why so much robbery?

People rob for many reasons, some of which are due to unemployment, income inequality and the desire for more. Some people are also suffering from kleptomania.

As a result of being unemployed, people do not have any money and as a result they rob others. People are unemployed for many different reasons. Some people especially former convicted criminals have a difficult time finding a job. Some people are lazy and don’t want a job. Some people are very choosy in the job they have. I don’t believe any locals should be unemployed in TCI given that audit skills report revealed 23,027 in the labour force of which 8,589 are locals. If you are a non-local and unemployed, then you should not be in the country as you need a work permit. A work permit should not be issued unless there is a job and work permit should not be issued until all locals are fully employed. Therefore, all locals should register with the Labour Department.

There is a definitely a disparity in income in this country. Some people are in the same roles as others but are making less.  Some people are still earning the minimum wage of $6.25 an hour. The cost of living is extremely high and some people have multiple jobs.  Because of the income inequality along with the cost of living, it is difficult to make ends meet and some people rob. Some people are also frustrated because of the income inequality and take revenge by robbing. We need to ensure that there is equal pay for equal job roles. We need to diversify our economy and attract more entrepreneurs and high paying jobs. Based on skills audit, the average highest compensation for service and sales work ranges 1500 a month


There is a definitely a linkage between income inequality, unemployment and crime. However, that does not give anyone the right to rob, shoot and kill others. I believe even if there was income equality, people will still rob. Some people just want more and they will do anything to get it including robbing people. I see now why the Bible says the love of money is the root of all evil. Furthermore, some people are very lazy and don’t want to work. They want things but don’t want to work for them.

Our main industry is tourism and if the robbery continues like this, all of us will be impacted negatively. If we do not get crime under control, tourists will have second thoughts about coming to TCI and thus we will see a decline in travel, accommodations and restaurants. These establishments will have to let employees go and if they go there will be unemployment which will create further social issues such as more stealing.

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