The political game called “Playing with your mind” has started.

The political game called “Playing with your mind” has started.


I didn’t want to write about politics in the Turks and Caicos Islands but as a concerned citizen of this country, I cannot remain quiet.

Most people in this country are voting based on their political affiliation. Many of them cannot tell you why they vote the way they vote and the politicians know that. It is time for us to reflect on why we vote the way we vote. It is time we put our country ahead of the party politics. I have said it before and I will say it again, there is no philosophical difference between the two parties and so when you vote, you should vote based on the performance of the Government of the day. If the Government is performing well and dealing with the issues, keep them in but if the Government is not performing then you should vote them out. This should not be a hard to decide.

You may ask how we measure the performance of a Government. Please do not measure the performance based on fancy speeches, paved roads and renovations to Buildings. Measure their performance based on the improvement of lives in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Are you better off than you were before? Were you empowered? Were there fundamental changes in our education system? Were there fundamental changes in our health system? Were there fundamental changes in our immigration system? Has the Government dealt effectively with the illegal shacks, the illegal sloops and the crime that is taking place? If your answer is yes, keep the Government in and if your answer is no, vote them out. You do not need to wait for a manifesto or rally to decide what you will do.

You see the politicians do not want us to talk about these aforementioned issues and so they play a political game with you call “Playing with your mind.”

The Rally Game

Rallies are a way to hype you up and make you feel good so that you can forget about everything that has happened in the past.  However, if you already know the performance of an individual, why keep them if they are not performing well. The politicians know they are not performing but they provide you with entertainment so that you can get excited and go to the polls and vote for them. They are playing with your minds.

The Great Speech Game

Some politicians tell you exactly what you want to hear and you fall for that Great Speech Game. They are playing on your emotions. Some people are very gifted in speaking but when it comes to getting the job done, they are not able to get the job done. They talk their way into winning. If some of these politicians were in the private sector, they would have been fired long time ago because all they did was talk but no work. Do not fall for the great speech, check out their performance in Government and out of Government. They are playing with your minds so do not equate great speeches with performance.

The Short term memory game

Some politicians know that some people may forget about some of the stuff stored in their long term memory and manipulate their short term memory to play with your minds. They will feed with you food and give you some money but guess what that food and money will only last for a day or two. You need to tap into your long term memory and pull out those memories of the suffering that our country endures. You need to pull out those memories when some of politicians campaigned on something did completely the opposite when elected in Government. You need to remember why you say you were not going to vote and all of sudden you plan to vote. Think back about your reasons. Do not let them play on your short term memory to become elected. They are playing with your mind.

The money game

Some politicians are using you to get in Parliament to obtain a secured monthly salary. You see them during the campaign time but after they have won their seat, you do not see them. They are playing with your mind.

The guaranteed constituency game

Some people are running in a constituency where they are guaranteed a win. They have done absolutely nothing for their constituents but they come to you every four years to vote for them so they can make up the number for their party to win and for them to get a salary. They are playing with you mind. Vote them out if they have nothing for your constituency.

The popularity game

Some people are putting people up and retaining some people on the party line because of popularity. They are using popularity as a mind game to win the election. It is time we select and vote for people who will get things done.

The year before election game

Maybe we should have elections every year because the year before elections a lot of last minute things get done. They are playing with your mind. What about the three years before? They don’t care about the three years before because they feel you will fall of their game.


Do not fall for the political games by some of these politicians. Show them you know what games they are playing. My eyes are wide open. Open your eyes and see the games that are being played. Politics should not be about playing games.

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