The power of Repetition – It can make you or break you


The power of Repetition – It can make you or break you

Repeat those things over and over again that build you up


As I prepare for my upcoming book launch, I reviewed the song, the short film and the book multiple times and so I can now quote the contents verbatim without looking at them. Even though I wrote the content, you can forget if you do not repeat what you did and so repetition is powerful. This has led me to write an article on the power of repetition. However, repetition cannot only be a good thing but a bad thing too. For example, repetition can be negative if you keep repeating lies, you may end up believing those lies and those lies maybe come the truth for some people. This article will not focused on the negative side of repetition but rather the positive side of the power of repetition

Repetition strengthens you and increases your faith.  It also allows you to learn and master things.

Repetition strengthens and increases your faith

Many of you are faced with so many issues but you can alleviate your circumstances through the power of repetition. Part of Romans 4:17 encourages us to ‘call those things which be not as though they were.” Don’t call those things once, twice or thrice. Repeat those things all of the time. If you are not feeling well, keep repeating you are going to be healed. If you find yourself in a negative positon, keep repeating that you will get out of this situation and God will turn it around for God. When you repeat things, it increases your faith and when your faith increases, your strength and walk with God increase and as a result you can move mountains.

In addition, the Bible instructed us to pray at all times. Praying is a form of repetition. Prayer is an agent of change. Therefore, if you want to see changes in a situation, keep praying. Don’t ever stop praying. Praying also strengthens and increases your faith.

Repetition allows you to learn and master things.

One way to become a master in something is to repeat things over and over again. Unless you are a very exceptional person, if you do something once, you will not master it. It takes repetition to learn and become a master of material. For example if you are preparing for an exam, you should learn the material over and over again and when it is time to take the exam, you should be able to pass successfully.

When I first started writing and hosting the radio shows and YouTube shows, I was an amateur in the area. However, the more I write and the more I host the shows, I started to increase my confidence level and I now each week, I feel like I am getting better and better in what I do.

The same scenario applies to your career path. When you start your career and some of you may have a Degree but you still lack the experience, however, the longer your stay on your job and keep repeating the tasks successfully, you will master your job very well.


Repetition is a key to success. Therefore, keep repeating those good things over and over again and it will have a positive impact on you. It will build you up. The thing is you cannot give up. Keep trying over and over again until you get it. Once you get it, your confidence level increases and if you are confident, you will believe you can achieve anything. Be repetitive but in a good way.

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