The Struggle is real but God is real too. Attacks are coming from every angle

The Struggle is real but God is real too. Attacks are coming from every angle


I don’t about you but I have been under a lot of attacks recently coupled with the impact of COVID 19.  The attacks are coming from every angle. You are getting attack on your mind. You are facing spiritual warfare. You are discouraged. You feel like giving up. Your financial situation has worsened. You feel like you are under a curse. You are also being attacked through slander, gossip and lies. You feel like each time you make a breakthrough, another breakdown takes place.

Despite the attacks coming your way, don’t give into them.  Hang in there because if you fall for the attacks, it will be a challenge to get out. For example, if you allowed the enemy to attack your mind, it is hard to go back to where you were. The best thing is to be firm and strong no matter how long your breakthrough takes. The struggle is real but God is also real.

Attacks on the mind

One of the main attacks we are subject to is attacks on the mind. The mind is the place where the battlefield takes place. Sometimes you may feel like you are losing your mind. You may be thinking so much about the past and what if scenarios. You may feel like you are nobody. You may wish you were dead and may have suicidal thoughts. You may have all sorts of other thoughts. Seek help. Talk to someone you trust. Do not let the attacks on your mind control you. You need to control the attacks. You can do so by praying and if you increase this antidote by finding a payer partner to pray with you. Do not ever go to sleep with these attacks on your mind. Resolve the attacks immediately. The longer you take to deal with the attacks, the longer the attacks will become permanent

Spiritual warfare

I believe as long as we are committed to the Lord, we will be in a constant spiritual warfare with the enemy. You see the enemy will go after you because he already has the non-Christians.  Don’t take anything for granted though because you lose this spiritual warfare if you are week in the flesh. Sta grounded in the word of God, and put on the full armour of God so you can be strengthen and protected in this spiritual warfare.


I know many of you are discouraged. You had so many plans but they were either delayed or put on the backburner as a result of COVID 19. You feel like you are not making any progress. You see people who do not know the Lord as their Saviour doing well but you are not. You feel like you are trying your best but nothing is happening. You feel like you have been waiting forever for your breakthough. Be encouraged and look at your disappointment as opportunities. Sometimes the plans you have are not the plans that God wants for you. You may only realize it after they do not come to fruition. I had plans to bring in a manager for my company. It is good thing I didn’t recruit that manager because I would not be in a position to pay that manger due to the impact of COVID 19.

Do not give up

It is so easy to give up especially when you do not have any money. Do not give up. Review your plans and develop alternative means. When you give up, the enemy wins. Hang in longer. You have reached this far, just be patient. Believe a better day is coming and works towards a better day. I know it feels like what is happening to you has been going on forever but remember there is a season for everything and what you are going through is temporary.

Your finances

I believe the finances of many people have worsened. You never imagine you would be in such a position. You are unable to pay your rent or mortgage. You are unable to maintain that lifestyle you had prior to COVID. You are unable to even buy the amount of groceries you used to purchase prior to COVID 19. You are unable to pay the school fees. You are broke. You have utilize all of your savings. These are some hard scenarios. Ask for help from someone. Get some financial advice.


Some of you feel like you are under a curse. Maybe some of us are. There is something called generational curses. Therefore it is important for all of us to do the right thing so curses do not pass from generation to generation. If you feel like you are under a curse. Rebuke the curses. Tell yourself you are blessed and highly favoured.

Slander and gossip

Many of you are trying your best to do the right thing and despite that, people are still slandering and gossiping about you. You cannot be caught with the lies that people spread about you. These are distractions and obviously you are threat to them.  Stay Focused.


We all face attacks and will continue to face contacts no matter how some people paint a picture of themselves.

The key thing is to recognize you are under attacks and these attacks are spiritual or by the decisions you have made. Recognize also that you can overcome these attacks.

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