The sudden death of a co-worker, friend or family is devastating.

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The sudden death of a co-worker, friend or family is devastating.

Words cannot explain the feeling.


This article is dedicated to the co-workers, friends, and family of the late Eucebia Carmichael. Eucebia Carmichael was our church sister (Community Fellowship Center Assembly of God) and a special friend to me and my wife. I still cannot believe that Eucebia is no longer with us. This is now the third time in the last two years that someone close to me suddenly died. Words cannot explain the feeling, but I know what I am feeling must be grief and every day I think about Eucebia. I just did not expect to receive this news because as far as I know she had no health issues.

Who is Eucebia?

Eucebia Carmichael was born in Guyana almost 48 years ago. Her birthday would have been January 3rd. She married Kevin Carmichael about twenty-six years ago and they had two sons namely Jevon and Levon. She was also the grandmother to one grandson Levi. Her sister and her mom are still alive and living in Guyana.

Eucebia and her family migrated to the Turks and Caicos Islands about twenty years ago. Prior to her arrival in Turks and Caicos, she was a banker at the National Cooperative Bank in Guyana and continued with that journey in Turks and Caicos with First Caribbean International Bank for the first couple of years. She left banking and pursued a career in the telecoms industry working with Telecoms Solutions, eventually becoming the CEO of that company.

Eucebia was a jovial and loving person. Whenever you saw her, her face was always full of smiles. I have never seen her discouraged. She was an encourager. She was an active member on our Praise Team and sometimes leading the team.  She was also a great dancer. According to her husband, she loves trucks.

She was proud to be a Guyanese, however, she assimilated with the people of the Turks and Caicos and made it her second home.

The impact of a sudden death

On November 24th while on dialysis, I received the news that Eucebia died suddenly in Guyana early in the morning. I could not believe or process what I was hearing. I did not want to continue with the treatment because I did not want to get a panic attack and furthermore, I wanted to go her house immediately to show support where her husband and one of boys resided.

Losing someone is so painful but it is worse when someone dies suddenly, especially when that person is young. You feel so empty and sometimes you are in denial because you cannot accept the fact that that person is gone. You cannot sleep well or no sleep at all. Throughout the day and night, you are wondering why. You cannot work well. You are in so much sorrow and all you want to do is see that person again and so you spend a lot of time crying and grieving.

Coping with the sudden death

There are different ways in coping with the sudden death of a loved one. What may work for you may not work for someone else. However, what you can do is to cherish the memories of your loved one and think about the legacy and the impact that person has made. Take your time in grieving over your loved one no matter how long it takes. Grieving is part of the process. Don’t be concerned about people say about your grieving process. At the same time, people need to be very careful what they say to you and about you. Sometimes, it is best to be quiet.


I don’t want to experience this feeling anymore, but I know all of us will one day die but we just do not know when it will take place. I offer my condolences to everyone that has lost a co-worker, friend or family member. Use the rest of your time in some tangible way to honour that co-worker, friend, or family member.

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