There are real prophets and there are false prophets. Detect and Discern

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There are real prophets and there are false prophets. Detect and Discern


God has given different gifts to the Body of Christ and of those gifts is the gift of prophecy. Therefore, I believe there are real prophets in the World as written in the word of God. An example of this is Aaron who was prophet to Moses and spoke to Moses what the Lord told him. However, the same way there are real prophets, false prophets also exist according to the word of God. I suppose we can conclude that people always try to imitate people and things that are authentic such as money and jewelry. Unfortunately, some people are able to fool people with counterfeit products because the products look so real.

We have already established there are false prophets but some of the real prophets also make mistakes. I believe some people have abused the gifts God has given to them and began to prophesized what they want and what people want to hear. I supposed this is also false because if it is not from the Lord, then it is not real.

US Election Prophecy

In the US Elections, there were many pastors including Paula White that prophesied that the Lord told them that Donald Trump was going to win. In 2016, pastors including Brian Carn prophesied that Hillary Clinton was going to be the President.  In 2020, he said that he dreamt that Biden was going to win but in the end Trump will triumph as the President.

I am not here to discredit Paula White or Brian Carn but I believe is possible that individuals who referred to themselves as prophets are not necessarily prophets 24/7 and so when they speak sometimes they are not speaking from the Lord.

Real Prophets vs False Prophets

I know it is hard to tell the difference between a real prophet and a false prophet. One of the first things you need to do is to recognize the Spirit of God. I also believe that a real prophecy should take place. It may not happen immediately but it will happen. There should also be a level of confirmation to the person receiving the prophecy.  Make sure too that the prophecy line up with the Word of God. When you hear a prophecy that seems strange or contrary to the word of God, more than likely it is false prophecy.

Real Prophets tell the Truth. False Prophets tell Half-Truths and may cause confusion and disorder. God is not a God of confusion and disorder.

Be careful of those persons who have to be seen in public to give a prophecy.


I know many may be discouraged by false prophecies and may cause it deterrent to the growth of the church.  Ironically, there are counterfeit money and counterfeit money does not deter anyone from accepting money. In order to avoid accepting counterfeit money, individuals use money detectors to detect whether the money is real. Like money detector, you can use the word of God and the spirit of discernment to detect false prophets

Do not be discouraged. Expect these things to happen but know for sure that real prophets existed in the Old Testament, real prophets existed in the New Testament and real prophets exist today.

With that said, continue to call those things which be not as though they were.

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