There is a lot of room at the top for you – “It is the bottom that is overcrowded”

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There is a lot of room at the top for you – “It is the bottom that is overcrowded”


Too many of us are at the bottom level in society and we have been there for too long. Because many of us are not advancing to the top, the bottom has become overcrowded with newcomers. Of course some people at the bottom level are not there because they want to be there, it is just that some people have been overlooked, rejected and discouraged from advancing. However, if you know that you should be at the top, do not accept any rejections or discouragement. Know your rights and fight to be at the top. Sometimes this may involve leaving your current environment to an environment that will allow you to grow and advance to the top.

Now there are some people who continue to suffer from mental slavery and feel that they are not good enough to be at the top. They lack confidence and they believe the top is reserve for some people.  I do believe deep down, many people dream of being at the top but they do not think it is achievable.

There are also some people who do not want to be at the top because they do not want assume the responsibilities and risks involve in being at the top.

There is room at the top

In most facets of life, the top comprises of a few people.  For instance, the wealth of a country is controlled by only a few people in that country.

Some people are at the top because of favours. Some people are at the top because of hard work and perseverance. Some people are at the top because of family connection. However, despite your reason for being at the top, the top is not overcrowded.

We should all aim to be at the top in our lives whether in the spiritual realm or the physical realm. In order to be at the top of our spiritual lives, we got to have a solid relationship with God and we got to have a lot of faith. In order to be at top in the physical realm, we got to also have faith and be knowledgeable in what you do. You do not need a college degree to be at the top.  You do not need to be a brown-noser to be at the top. You need to know what you are doing, you need to have the right attitude and you need to have confidence in what you do to be at the top. Stop feeling like you are not good enough and that the top is reserved just for the educated and people of certain backgrounds. If you have that thought, then you will remain at the bottom.

The bottom is overcrowded

The bottom is overcrowded with individuals. Many individuals do not know their worth and so they settle for being at the bottom. There are even individuals at the bottom fighting among others to stay at the bottom because some of them believe as long as they have their feet in the door, they are ok. Of course, many of us had to start at the bottom but that does not mean you should remain there. If you want to move at the top, apply for the position. Stop thinking you will not get it or it is reserve for someone else. Sometimes because you are at the bottom you are overlook but the moment you present yourself for advancement, you may get the necessary attention and move to the top.


Who wants to be at the bottom? You should never aim to be at the bottom of anything. Even if you are at the bottom, put a plan in place and strive to be at the top. Do not aim for mediocrity. Do not settle for less. There are too many people at the bottom who will only get in your way and become a distraction.

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