Things that make you go hmmm.

Young caucasian girl making do not know sign

Things that make you go hmmm.

Make these things make sense.


There are so many things going on that make you go hmmm. Some of these things boggle my mind.

We say we don’t believe in God but…

Some of us say we don’t believe in God but the moment something goes wrong, we call on God for help.

We say we are Christians but….

We say we are Christians, and we love the Lord, but we hate our brothers and sisters.

Marriage in TCI is between a man and a woman.

Our constitution states that marriage in the Turks and Caicos is between a man and a woman but when two people of the same sex get married outside of Turks and Caicos, they want the Turks and Caicos Islands to accept their marriage as legal in TCI.

Prophets predicting the coming of a Hurricane.

The Hurricane Season is from June 1st to November 30th.  Therefore, it is possible that there may be a hurricane. No one must come here and prophesize that there will be a hurricane. After all, it is hurricane season and so it is possible that a hurricane will come. Now if a prophet predicts a hurricane outside the hurricane season and it happens, then that is a probably a prophecy.

Some People cannot help themselves.

There are some people who are running as politicians. They cannot help themselves, but they want to be Members of Parliament saying they can help you.

No facts check.

The moment we hear something negative about someone, we do not do a fact check and we spread it like wildfire. We even comment on these things as if we know them to be factual.

Everything is political.

Almost everything is political. We do not speak out against the party we support but we are quick to speak out against the party we do not support. We only see things based on party lines.

We attack individuals of the opposite party calling them all sorts of names but if those individuals join your party, you speak so highly of them.   But aren’t they the same individuals you attacked. They haven’t changed, they only change political parties.

While the supporters are busy fighting and tearing down one another, the politicians appear to be having a good relationship with one another.

Too much talk and no action

We talk too much, and we have answers for everything.  We do not act on what we talk about. It is purely talk. If only we act on some things we talk about.

We say we don’t have money but

We say we don’t have any money to start that business or to buy those things we need but there are people making significantly less than you but have started that business.

Selling generation property

Land does not grow but we do not seem to learn from the mistakes of others. We are selling our generational property and most people buying it are our neighbours to the south of us.

Blame Game

We blame everybody but ourselves for our circumstances. We blame the Government. We blame the “foreigners.” We blame the church.  It is time we took responsibility.

Poor Customer Service

The customer service agent eats and talks to some else while serving you.

There is only one agent available even though there are so many customers in line waiting to be served.

The banks want you to use the ATMs rather than coming in the bank but most of the time, the ATMs are not operational.

Job advertisements

Some of these job advertisements are exaggerated with so many requirements but they say only citizens need to apply when they know it is not their intention to recruit citizens.

They say you do not have any experience but how does one get experience if you are not given an opportunity?

They say you are overqualified, but they recruit some people who are underqualified simply because of the colour of their skin or where they are from.

Cannot praise you publicly.

Some people do not praise you or recognize you publicly but want to call you privately to praise you or recognize you.

No conch in the conch fritters

They called them conch fritters but you cannot taste any conch in them.


You may have other things that make you go hmm but whatever they are, let us not be caught up in it and doing the same things that you accuse others of doing.

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