Things to Look Out for and Questions to ask our Politicians especially in the Year Before and the Year of the Election.


Things to Look Out for and Questions to ask our Politicians especially in the Year Before and the Year of the Election.


In the year before and the year of the election, there is a trend among our politicians.  The politicians on the Government side will have a lot of talk and taking credit for initiatives they met in place. On the other hand, the politicians on the Opposition side will also have a lot of talk and criticism. It is up to you as the electorate to digest what is being said to you and make an informed decision about what to do in 2020. However, I must share with you my observations as I cannot remain quiet on this any longer.

A lot of Rhetoric

I have discovered that politicians act on the emotions of people and one way they do so talk the right talk and you will be blown away by the talk. If the truth be told, some of us cannot even say exactly what the politicians say because we are so caught up in how they sound rather than what they say. I encourage you to dissect the content of the messages being delivered by them.

A lot of Unusual Visitations in the Constituency

You will discover that politicians will certainly start looking for you in your constituency the year before and the year of election. You did not see them for a whole two years now all of sudden they remember you because they remember there is an election next year and they need your vote. Open your eyes people and see that you are being used. Why are they coming now to see you when they did not look for you before? They take you for granted because they know you will still vote for them no matter what.

A lot of Legislations

Governments will brag about a lot of legislations that have been passed. The truth of the matter is TCIG is always passing a lot of legislations but if the legislations are not enforced, then why brag about them. Furthermore, ask yourselves if the legislations are making the lives of people better.

Has Crime Reduced?

Politicians on both sides of the camp will tell you they have the solutions to alleviate crime. You can be your own judge on this. Because of the crime that is taking place in this TCI, there is a climate of fear in the country. Do you really feel safe? People have to spend so much money on other resources such as security. People have to close businesses early. Murderers and thieves are on the loose because they are not getting caught.

Are You Better Off? Are You Empowered?

Ask yourself this question, does it matter which political party is in power? Are you better off? Are you still struggling from paycheck to paycheck?  Are you still unemployed? Are you still having a difficult time getting promotion on the job? Do you have the experience but yet not holding the position that you are qualified for? Are you being overlooked for positions?  Why do people continue to migrate from TCI to UK or USA? Are you being victimized because you are known not to be a supporter of the political party in power?  Are you having a difficult time getting access to financing? Are you getting concessions for your business like the big hotels? Who is benefitting the most?

Are there any major changes in the health system?

We know there is a significant amount of money being spend on health care especially treatment abroad. Increasing the budget for overseas treatment program has not solved the issues. Ask them what major changes have they implemented?

Are the illegal sloops still coming and are illegal shacks still being erected?

One of the many issues we faced in our country is the illegal sloops and the erection of so many illegal shacks. Have you seen any significant changes with respect to the illegal sloops and illegal shacks?

Is Your Constituency better off?

There are ten constituencies in TCI. Examine your constituency. Have there been any significant changes in your constituency since 1976? However, we continue to vote for the same people over and over.


Open your eyes and beware of the strategies these politicians are using on you. If you look very carefully at the number 6, it can be interpreted as the number 9. Do not take a 6 for a 9. We do not need politicians to be administrators. Isn’t that the role of the civil servants? We need politicians to be the real agents of change.

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