This is 20/20. Don’t be blind but yet have sight!

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This is 20/20. Don’t be blind but yet have sight!

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision” – Helen Keller


Some people cannot help being blind because they were either born that way or at some point in their lives they were faced with illnesses or accidents that contributed to the loss of their physical sight. Despite some people being physically blind, they did not let blindness deter them from having a sight. Helen Keller is a perfect example of this. She became blind at age 2 due to an illness but she left an incredible legacy. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree at age 24, she wrote several books and she paved the way for other blind people.

However, some of us have been blessed with a physical sight but yet we are blind. We are blinded by lies, we are blinded by love, we are blinded by politics and we are blinded by so many other things. This is 20/20, therefore let us have a 20/20 vision whereby we can see clearly and perfectly.

Blinded by Lies

Too many of us are blinded to the truth. In fact there are so many variations to the real truth and as result we are blinded by lies because most people now have their own definition of what is the truth and so a lie is a truth to some people.

In the Bible, Saul was spiritually blinded for years and persecuted some of the early followers of Jesus Christ. However, on his way to Damascus he had a spiritual encounter and became physically blind for three days. Saul then saw a new light and his eyes were opened physically and spiritually and ultimately he ended up preaching the word of God, establishing churches and writing a number of books in the Bible.

What about you? Are you blinded by the lies being told by the enemy? The truth is you can know the truth from the word of God. Go to church, read and study the Bible and believe it and you do not have to be blinded by any lies for the truth shall set you free.

Blinded by Love

Some of us are blinded by love. At least we think it is love.  Some of you are in abusive relationships yet because of love, you are too blind to see that your abuse is not love. Some of our children are committing crimes and but because of our love for them, we turn a blind eye to their actions and cover it up by not saying anything. Consider the real definition of love found in 1 Corinthians 13 and open your eyes so you will not be blinded by lust.


Blinded by Politics

The political system has blinded us. It has made us to believe that every person of the same political persuasion is the same. It has divided us so badly. Most times we only see the good in people who are of the same political persuasion as us and we see only the bad in people who are on the opposite side of our political fences. The truth is there is good in everyone and no one person is alike nor is a group of people the same even children from the same parents are different.


Helen Keller stated that the only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision. Use your physical sight and open your eyes to see the truth. Don’t rely on opinions for everyone has an opinion and many times people change their opinions depending on who they talk to and where they are. However, the word of God never changes. Therefore rely on the word of God.

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