This is 20/20. Let us tackle the use of drugs which is one of the root causes of crime.

Man taking illegal drugs

This is 20/20. Let us tackle the use of drugs which is one of the root causes of crime.


We are half way through the first month of 2020 and unfortunately a murder has already taken place. We have seen the implementation of CCTV on the island of Providenciales and we have seen an increase in the recruitment of police officers. Despite these initiatives, crime continues to take place threatening the livelihood of our economy. The residents and visitors are fearful and everyone is crying out for help.  In later part of 2019, almost every weekend, criminal activities were taking place. We just cannot seem to get it right and just maybe we are not getting it right is because we are not tackling the root causes of crime.  There are many factors causing crime but this article will address the issue of drugs.  

The Use of Drugs

After interviewing Rev John Malcolm and Pastor Brandford Dean respectively on my YouTube Channel, I learned something about drug addicts. There are many people who are addicted to drugs and will do whatever it takes to get money so they can get access to drugs. As a result you will find people robbing others just to get money to buy drugs.  You will find people killing others because they do not care. Their minds are being controlled by drugs.

The question we need to ask ourselves is why people turn to drugs. Apparently when you take drugs, you get a good feeling especially the first time but you do not get the same feeling anymore but people however want to get that first feeling again so they continue to take the drugs hoping they will feel the way they felt before. Some people also take drugs because they want to fit in with a group of people. Their friends are taking it so they take it too. Furthermore some people do not have the attention at home so they find the attention from friends who are taking drugs.

We need to address this by getting help for those persons on drugs and hopefully they will be free and they can encourage others not to use drugs.  The Half house in Providenciales is a great initiative to deal with drug addicts. Hopefully, the Government can fund this project to complete this initiative. This will go a long way in reducing crime in TCI.

In addition to consuming drugs, crimes are taking place because selling drugs has always been a big money business. People are getting killed and disappearing because of their involvement in the sale of drugs. The sale of drugs therefore leads to criminal activities. We need to find ways to deter and make it hard for the sale and access of drugs.

We need a drug free environment for consumption and for the sale. The environment you are in makes an impact on how you behave.

We must work with the Youth Center and perhaps ensure that we have active programs for all of our youths throughout the islands.

We must share stories and testimonies of people that were on drugs, the impact and what it will do to you.


No matter what they do to deal with the crime situation in any country, if we do not tackle the root causes of crime, we will continue to have crime taking place. Parents, ensure that your children are in good company. If you are aware of them dealing with drugs, get help immediately.

I am not suggesting that everyone that consumes or sells drugs are criminals, however, based on an interview with Pastor John Malcolm, most of the persons who were incarcerated for crimes in TCI were connected with the use of drugs.

If only we can treat these individuals and educate the public about the dangerous impact of drugs, then maybe we will be one step closer to reducing crime in our country.

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