Time is so precious and priceless.

Vacation for a young family Spend this priceless time together playing on the village lawn.

Time is so precious and priceless.

Use it wisely – Do not waste it.



Time is something that many of us wish we had more of. The thing about time is that it is so precious and priceless, and we do not know how much time we have in this world. Sometimes we take time for granted and we waste time on things and people that really do not matter. I encourage you today to spend your time wisely and use your time doing the things you love and with the people you love.

Use it wisely.

With so much access to social media platforms, you may find yourself spending so much time on social media getting in other people’s business. Perhaps you should time yourself as to the amount of time you spent on social media and ask yourself what you achieved. The wasted time you spent on social media could have been used on achieving your goals. Be very careful with the time you spend on activities that are outside of your goals. Time gone cannot come back.

Of course, sometimes you need a break from time to time and it is ok if you spend some minutes of downtime but be very careful that those minutes of downtime do not turn into hours.

Some of you have a family but you are spending most of your time away from your family. Some of you have a job but you are using your time to do something else, and you are unable to complete your tasks on time.  Some of you say you are Christians, but you are not spending any time with God. Use your time wisely. If you are unsure how to use your time, then have a schedule of the activities you want to do for the day and try to maintain that schedule.

Use it as if it is your last day.

Because some of us take time for granted, we procrastinate and use our time on people and things that do not add any value to you. Maybe we should use our time as if it is our last day. If you act as if this is your last day, ask yourself how you would you utilize your time. Some of you may say you cannot do it because you do not believe it is your last day. Quite frankly, we do not know and if you want to maximize your time then perhaps you should act as if you do not have any more time left. I am quite sure if you do, you will not do some of the things you currently do.

Do not waste it.

Do not waste your time thinking about what people are saying about you. Do not waste your time thinking about the past. Do not waste your time planning the downfall of others. Do not waste your time working all day. Do not waste your time on frivolous things. Do not waste your time gossiping. Do not waste your time on your job or at school. Do not waste your time getting mad with one another over politics.


Rise up and if you are going to waste your time, waste it on your goals. Waste your time on the people you love. Waste your time on God. Waste your time on making a difference in your life and the lives of others. Waste your time on some rest. Time is precious and priceless. We just do not know when we will no longer have time.

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