Together is better.

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Together is better.


More and more each day, we are becoming so self-centered, only caring about ourselves and ignoring the welfare and concerns of others. Some of us are so heartless that we have even neglected our own family members. Because we are self-centered, we are creating a selfish society, an unfriendly society and a wild-wild west society.

If we only can come together, we will be better. We can be better if we come together. Together is better.

Reduction in Crime

We can reduce the crime levels because if we come together, we will care about each other and report the crime to keep our communities safe. At least that is what I hope. Furthermore, if we come together, we can establish neighborhood watches in all communities and be our brothers and sisters keepers by informing them of what is happening in our community.  If we come together and see our young people getting in any trouble, we will take it upon ourselves and let their family know rather than ignoring it or walking away from it. Together is better.

Union of Bright Minds

If we come together and forgo of our allegiance to political parties, our country will be better. There are bright minds on both sides of the political camps. Wouldn’t it be better if we come together and put our minds and hearts together developing a think tank to better our country?  We are too busy trying to get credit for ourselves and our parties that we forget it is about our country and not our political parties. Together is better.

Merger of Businesses

There are so many similar businesses in TCI and I know many persons have some personal family goals. Wouldn’t it be better rather than opening individual businesses, we merge and form larger businesses. Sometimes, we have to lower our prices to be competitive but wouldn’t it be better to keep a good price so you can have healthy dividends at the end of the year. However, the coming together of people is a major challenge. I personally try to get a group of people together after the economic conference but to date we have been unsuccessful and I know this is not the first attempt. Together is better.

Harmony of the nationalities

There are over 91 nationalities in TCI and naturally we stick with our own as we are comfortable with our race. However, this has created so much division, hatred and anger. Wouldn’t it better if we all come together no matter our nationality and work towards achieving the best for TCI. Despite whatever reason we are here for, our ultimate purpose is to provide service to our customers and eventually TCI. If we keep fighting with each other, how can we come together to improve TCI. Together is better.

Single Parent vs Co Parent

I know there are perhaps divorce and separation in many homes, however, that does not mean the parents should neglect their roles in the raising of their children. It is best that parents find ways and means to be co-parents to their children. I imagine being a single parent is not easy but there are many success stories. However, I believe two parents co-parenting a child is better for the development of a child Together is better.

Team work in the work place

In the work place, there is a lot of issues for many different reasons. However, if we come together as a team and realize we are working for the success of our company and their clients, then perhaps our mindsets can shift. Too many times we are busy trying to drag each other down rather than trying to pull each other up to work  together. Some of us are in the work place and do not want to share knowledge and work with others. Effective team work will increase productivity and efficiency. Together is better.


One of the main reasons we are not together is due to our allegiance to political parties. Some of us say we want to work together but we really do not want it and as a result our country suffers. Together we can transform our country from a self –centered country to an humanitarian country. Two people working together is better than one person working alone even though there are benefits of working alone. I believe we must put aside our differences and come to the conclusion that it is best we work together for together is better.

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