Understand the role you want to get into.

Know your role

Understand the role you want to get into.

It can help you to succeed or determine if that is what you want.


Sometimes we think we know what we are getting into, but we only realize what it is we are getting into until we get into it. From the outside, it appears if you were to assume the role, you would be successful. However, I believe success in your role depends a lot on understanding and knowing your role.

Understand the role of a husband or as a wife.

No matter how much you are in love, before you get married, make sure to get counselling. During the counselling sessions, the counsellor will discuss what marriage is about. If you decide not to get counselling, read some books, or watch some videos about marriages. It can help you to determine if you want to get married.

Unfortunately, some people do not get counselling and as a result they do not know what they are getting into. However, you can still get counselling after you get married.

Understand the role of a parent.

Sometimes, I wish there were counselling sessions for expected parents like there are for marriages. Maybe there is, but I just don’t know. When you are planning to become a parent, make sure, you understand what it involves. I know there are some unplanned pregnancies but still know your role.

Too many parents have abandoned their children and too many parents are not carrying out their roles as parents and as a result, we have too many social issues.

Understand the role of an employee.

Almost everyone will be an employee. Equip yourself with knowledge, make sure you understand your role and responsibility and how it relates to the success of your organization. Make sure the role you are in is what you want to do and what you like. Take your role seriously. It is more than about your job description. Go the extra mile. Don’t talk negatively about your organization publicly. Be confidential and be loyal. Sometimes you may wondered why you did not get promoted and maybe it is because you did not carry out your role.

Understand the role of a manager.

As a manager lead by example. Act and behave the way you want your subordinates to act and behave. Do not assume the role of a manager because it looks good on your resume or for the public. Make sure you know what the role of a manager is, and you can do so through studying or understudying other successful managers. Being a manager is a huge responsibility and the success of your organization may depend on your success as a manager.

Understand the role of an entrepreneur.

I encourage many people to become entrepreneurs. However, understand the time, the risks, the sacrifices, and the finances involved in being an entrepreneur. I know if you are passionate about something, you will do what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Understand the role of a politician.

There are many issues in our country and some people feel if they are given a chance as a politician, they can fix the issues. People need to understand how Government works before they decide to enter politics. Because some people do not know the role of a politician, they make so many promises and when they get there, then they realize that is not how it works.


Understanding your role is one of the keys to your success. Sometimes we look at others and say they are not carrying out their roles. What about you? Are you carrying out your role? Do you understand your role?

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