Use what is in your hand.

Use what is in your hand.

Then the Lord said to him, “What is that in your hand?”   “A staff,” he replied.

The Lord said, “Throw it on the ground.” Moses threw it on the ground and it became a snake, and he ran from it.   Exodus 4:2-3


Sometimes we may be running all over our community and even overseas looking for answers. However, what you are looking for may be right in your hands or within your reach without you even realizing it. We do not realize the importance of what we have due to the value and emphasis the world places on it. We need to spend quality time with God and understand the God purpose for the things in your hand.

Some of the things in your hand may look insignificant or meaningless but those same things God intended them to be good. The time you take to wait on that money or the time you take to worry about not having anything, you could have been further ahead if only you use what you have in your hand.

Biblical examples

Moses had a rod in his hand and the Lord told him to throw it on the ground and the rod became a snake. That same rod in Moses’ hand was used by God to part the Red Sea.

The widow had a jar of oil in her hand and in the end was able to pay off her debts and still had excess.

During David’s battle with Goliath, all he had in his hand was a staff, five stones and a sling but he was able to defeat Goliath successfully.

With a jawbone of a donkey, Samson was able to strike down 1000 men.

You have to have faith

Using the things in your hand requires you to have strong faith because some things may look impossible to achieve with what you have. David had faith in God that he can defeat Goliath with the things in his hand.

Moses was afraid when his rod turned into a snake but I believe after God demonstrated his power, Moses’ faith increased about the things in his hand.

Do not be afraid to borrow

Even though God may equip you with things in your hand, there may be some situations that require you to borrow in order to achieve your goals. In the story in 2 Kings about the widow, she had debts to pay off and while she had a jar of oil, it was not enough so she had to borrow some empty jars from her neighbours. With faith, she filled all of the borrowed jars with oil. She was able to sell the oil, paid off her debts and then had excess.

You may need to borrow something to reach your target. Do not be afraid to borrow but ensure it is for the right purpose and when you borrow, do not be delinquent. Pay it back.


I know you may think you do not have anything. However, you have something and it is in your hand. Do not take the things in your hands for granted. They have a purpose. Find the purpose and use it to give God all the glory.

Your hands may be good for baking or making other things. Use it and make something from it. Your hands may be good for massaging. Use it. Your hands may be good for writing. Use it. You may be in a home that is being underused. Use it as a bed and breakfast or short term villa. You may have land but no money. Perhaps you can mutate your land and sell a portion of it or borrow money to develop the land.

Stop saying you do not have anything. There is something in your hand or in your possession that you can use to make it in this world.

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