We can reduce the crime rate if all of us do our part.

British police community support officer

We can reduce the crime rate if all of us do our part.


We are barely in the fifth month of the year 2020 and there are already 8 homicides. In 2019, there were 13, in 2018 there was 8 and in 2017 there was 4. What do you see from this picture? The numbers are growing and the sad thing is we are not capturing these murderers which means there are murderers on the loose in our country. Perhaps, we are passing them every day but don’t know who they are.

In a country with a population of approximately 40,000 people, one murder is too many.  Innocent people are being murdered causing broken hearts for families and friends. The reputation of our country as a safe place is now questionable.

We may not be able to eliminate crime completely but I believe our crime can rate can be reduced if all of us do our part in carrying out our roles including the Governor, the Government, the Police and the Community.

The Governor

The Governor is responsible for the National Security. I know since he came, a National Security Strategy was implemented and a permanent secretary position was created for National Security. While this is a step in the right direction, I believe we will not really the see the benefits of these initiatives in the short term. Resolving crime is an urgent matter and I hope the Governor implements some short term solutions to reduce crime similar to the steps that are being taken to address COVID 19 crisis. Both the crime rate and COVID 19 crisis are negative for this country.

I know we do not want the criminals and potential criminals to know exactly what is being done to eradicate crime, but the public must be kept abreast on updates on crime and we must show that something is being done.  Hopefully with the UK soldiers on the ground, we will get the extra help we need and shortly see some tangible solutions to our criminal situation in our country because at the moment, the murder rate is increasing and the murderers are getting away with murders.

The Government and the Opposition

While in opposition, some politicians have the answers for everything including resolving crime. However, when these same politicians become the Government, they are quick to say that crime falls under the role of the Governor. We did not elect the Governor. We elected a Government that campaigned on crime and therefore we must hold them accountable to deal with crime.

Our Government is responsible for all of the financing to deal with crime and for the enactment of laws. I know resolving crime is a challenge but whatever it takes to resolve, it needs to be reflected in the budget and some of our laws have to be updated. I believed efforts are being made to modernize the law. Even if the crime is not resolved as a result of the budgeted items and updated legislature, at least they can say they tried.

The Police

I believe we have had three new Commissioners of Police for the past nine years and crime continues to escalate. In the private sector when the company goals are not being achieved, the Board normally removes the CEO. However, the other management team normally remains and the results really do not change even with a new CEO.

If poor leadership is the reason why the crime is not being resolved, then I say we should not only ask the Commission of Police to resign, but we should also ask the entire leadership team in the Police force to resign as each of them has various roles to play.

I know a lot has been provided to the Police Department to assist with crime such as CCTV, vehicles and many additional human resources. However, something is not right. Does the Police Department need more resources, training and equipment to deal with crime?  If so, let the Government know so they can budget whatever is needed as this must be a priority.

Police officers need to be more visible throughout the communities. The community needs to be able to trust the Police and the police needs to trust each other. The murderers need to get caught and sentenced to jail thus sending a lesson to others. We need some undercover cops to get into these communities and join the gangs to gather the evidence that appears to be lacking. For a population of our size, why are we are not able to resolve crimes?


I believe one of the biggest obstacles in resolving crime is the lack of support from the community. Somebody other than the murderer knows who is committing these acts but that somebody is not saying anything. As a member of the community, I want to ask you these questions.

How the police can solves crimes without evidence?

How many of us know about crimes and are not reporting them?

How many of us are harbouring criminals in our homes? Be careful before they do not turn on you.

How many of us refuse to help others with employment opportunities?

How many of us are using Crime Stoppers to provide information? This called is being answered by individuals in Miami that you do not know and furthermore it is anonymous.

What is happening in our country is not normal. Some of these individuals have mental and spiritual issues that must be addressed. Are we helping them to deal with their spiritual and mental issues? The Department of Mental Services has a program to help you to deal with mental issues. Are we utilizing the services of the Mental Department and encouraging our friends and family to do so? We blame the church for a lot of things and many of you do not even want to come to church. Some churches are aware of this and come to you in your neighbourhood and some of you do not embrace this either.


I believe that crime can be reduced. The Governor has his role to play. The Government has their role to play. The police has their role to play and we in the community have our roles to play. If we all do what we are supposed to do, we can address crime effectively. We just cannot expect one arm of the country to resolve the crime especially if the community is aware of the crime and withholding the information and evidence that the police needs.

Resolving crime is everybody’s business. Don’t be afraid to do your part because the criminals are not afraid to commit the crimes.

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