We got to repair the broken pieces.

We got to repair the broken pieces.


There may be some things that are broken that cannot be repaired but there are some things that are broken that can be fixed. I am talking about the following things listed below.


I never imagine that the Turks and Caicos would have a double digit murder in any year.  I believe so far we have 15 murders in 2020 but I am not aware of any being resolved. Some things are broken and need to be fixed. Recruit undercover cops, rotate the police officers and increase the visibility of police officers in the community. If there is one thing we need to spend money on, it should be on the prevention of crime.


It is obvious the prison system is broken. It is out of control. The prisoners seem to be in control of the prison rather than the prison wardens. We need to recruit some strong and experienced prison wardens who are not afraid to deal with the prisoners and when they deal with the prisoners, we should not have to interfere in their management unless they are not managing properly.

COVID 19 is out of control

The number of COVID 19 positive tests continues to increase. While we are encouraging people to wear their masks and practice social distance, people are still contracting the virus. Perhaps it is because those that are positive are roaming places and leaving traces of the viruses on surfaces and even though some of us are wearing masks, we are still getting the virus through touching surfaces.

We must put all persons who are positive in a separate place, monitor them frequently and ensure that they do not come out to interact with others. The majority of cases are increasing because those that are positive are in contact with others. The common sense approach is to remove the positives out of the equation.

Same people with multiple contracts

We need to find a way to help everyone. I am tired of the same people getting the few contracts that exist. Share them around. Put a limit on the number of contracts that any one person or company can get in any given year.

The people need some money

Individuals and businesses are suffering. We need a temporary fix to solve these issues until our one industry recovers. The money that the Government is collecting is our taxes we paid. The same way civil servants are getting paid a full time salary and some of them are not even working full time, we need to put in place a mechanism to pay something monthly to individuals and businesses in the private sector. I am not talking about these one off stimulus packages.

Online schooling issues

Given that the safety of students is a priority, classes will be conducted online. However, parents have children in different grades and cannot afford to purchase multiple devices for online classes. Also in some cases, both parents are working and cannot be home to monitor their children while doing online classes. They cannot afford to pay someone to watch their children

I think TCIG should purchase a device for every student or partner with the private sector and offer a discount on devices so that they can be affordable for parents. Some employers may have to allow their employees to bring their children with them to work or allow them to remain home and work remotely if it is possible.


We can fix these issues if we come together despite our political affiliation or country of origin. Utilize the skills of everyone, PDM, PNP, Independents, locals and non locals.
We have to come together because our current means of dealing with the issues is not working. It is time to change the way we do things and engage others in the process.

Crime is already out of hand. COVID 19 is already out of hand. However, we can control it if we fix the broken pieces.

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