We have a spiritual problem.

Group of religious people in a church

We have a spiritual problem.

Some people don’t fear God, and some don’t believe in God.


Shortly after God created the world, spiritual problems started to take place. Eve allowed the enemy to persuade her to eat the forbidden fruit and then she convinced Adam to do the same. Sin entered the world and was passed from generation to generation. For example, Cain, the eldest son of Adam and Eve, killed his brother Abel.

Today, the world including the Turks and Caicos continues to face so many murders. Some of these murders take place for several reasons including greed, jealousy, lack of love and the need for control. However, the root cause is that we have a spiritual problem. Some people don’t fear God, some people don’t believe in God and some people act like they are Gods themselves.

We have a spiritual problem.

Because of the crime that is taking place, we will blame the Government and the Police. While we must hold them accountable as the Government must put laws in place and have rehabilitation programs and the Police needs to catch these criminals and protect the public. However, neither the Government nor the Police is causing people to commit crimes. We have a deeper problem.

Our problem is spiritual. There are some who say they believe in God, yet they do not fear God. Because there is no fear of God, they do a lot of things contrary to the word of God and has created a hole for the enemy to take over their lives.

On the other hand, there are some that do not believe in God and eventually these individuals end up having a reprobate mind. When you have this type of mind, you are being controlled by the enemy and the enemy comes to kill and destroy. The enemy will use you to destroy and kill others.

The solution

If our problem is spiritual, then the solution is spiritual. We need to repent for our sins because we are passing our sins onto our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. We need to meditate on the word of God and live by the word of God. We need to pray continuously. We need to show love towards others. We need to help others. I do not want to make excuses for criminals but some of them just need some love and help and because we are not providing it to them, the gangs are able to recruit them and offer them love and help.


No matter how much police officers we recruit, no matter if we replace the Commissioner of Police, no matter what the Government or Opposition say or do, until we address the spiritual problem that plagues us, then shall we see a positive turnaround in society.

I challenge all of us to turn to God. Parents turn to God and ensure your children are being fed the word of God. Political leaders, turn to God and put him first on the agenda. Don’t pass any laws contrary to the word of God. Find yourself in a church and seek godly advice. Christians, please surrender fully to God and witness to others and win souls for the Kingdom of God. Otherwise, Satan and his agents will recruit people and use them to cause havoc in this world.

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