We must unite so that we may progress.

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We must unite so that we may progress.

Division over politics is keeping us behind.


If there is one thing that the Turks and Caicos has in common with the USA and many countries in the Caribbean is the fact that we are so divided over politics. I think sometimes, some of us act as if the division is only prevalent in the Turks and Caicos but it is happening in many countries. It is obvious here because we are a small place. I know I have already written several articles on unity and division, but I will not stop until a change takes place.

It is unfortunate that our allegiance to these two main political parties is contributing to this division. How can we progress if we are divided? To progress, we must put aside our political differences and come together. There is strength in unity and when you are strong together, you have power and can progress as a people because we will work together and support one another no matter your political affiliation.

Division over politics

I wish we could wake up and realize the impact that our obsession with these political parties is having on us. Politics has destroyed some relationships with friends and family. Some people are not talking to one another because of their choice of political party. Some people try to destroy the character of some people simply because they are not on the same political side as you. Many of us keep saying let us come together but we do not mean what we say because our actions say otherwise. Some people voted for a political party to see what they could get and when they don’t get what they expected, they become bitter and hateful creating further division.

Politics is keeping our country down. Some initiatives in Government are deliberately being delayed or not supported because the relevant authorities’ political party is not in power. Likewise, some politicians are keeping the country down. Sometimes, they do not continue with some of the programs from successive governments because they do not want the successive governments to get credit. Some politicians only look out for their supporters. It should not matter who voted for you or not, you are the Government for everybody.

I also notice that most people who do not support the Government will find everything wrong with the Government but if their party becomes the Government, they try to justify the actions of their government even if they did the same initiatives that they did not support when their party was not in Government. We must learn to accept the outcome of elections and stop politicking. Of course, we must hold the government accountable but let us be objective and stop being one sided creating more division.

Unite to progress.

No matter what our obstacles are, if we can come together, we can achieve the things that seem impossible to achieve. However, we are too busy fighting among ourselves because of politics. I believe if we present a united front to the British, we will get the Constitution that we desire. I believe if people come together, we will be a force to be reckoned with. Imagine if some of us could come together and build a hotel? Imagine if some of us could come together and build a supermarket. Imagine if some of us can come together and form a coalition government. There are no philosophical differences between the two political parties so why are we allowing this to destroy us. Why don’t we come together and run the country together.

Look at the people that are progressing. It is because they have not allowed politics to get in their way. Working alone is inadequate. Working with one party is inadequate. Unity is the key to progress. We are so small and so we should have been further ahead. I don’t think it is too late.


Too many of us are paying lip service in public talking about unity but privately, we are planning all we can to bring one another down. The solution to our problem is to come together. It starts with you and me and I encourage our leaders of these political parties to lead by example.  Stop putting the love of politics over the love of country. We must come together if we want real changes in the development of the people.

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