What if it were you?

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What if it were you?

Be respectful. Be sensitive. Be kind.


I believe we ought to be conscious of how we live our lives and maybe if we do, we will act differently. An easy way to be alert of your actions, is always ask yourself this question, “What if it were you?  Always put yourself in the shoes of others.

What if it were you?

You heard something but you are not sure it is true, yet you spread it like wildfire. How would you feel if someone did that to you? You would feel awful even if it is not true. Therefore, be respectful, be sensitive and be kind. If you want to really know what is going on, then try to get the facts. Better yet, some of us just need to mind our business and let people live their private lives and let the dead rest in peace. I am quite sure you do not want anyone to go into your business so why are you getting into other people’s business.

Speaking about the dead, shouldn’t we give people time to grieve their loss rather than publicly or privately talking about the cause of their death. I included privately because talk brings talk. You may think you are having a private conversation with someone, but that person will tell someone else and then it goes back to the family you were talking about. Would you want this to happen to you or your family? Of course not, so treat people the way you want to be treated.

There are people physically and verbally abusing others. What if it were you? Do you want anyone to abuse you or your children physically or verbally. Nobody should abuse them so why would you do this to others.

There are also people stealing from others. Some of these individuals work so hard for their money. What if it were you that someone was stealing from? You would not like it so you should not steal from anyone. Be honest and if you need something, borrow it, or ask.

There are some spouses who are cheating in their relationships. However, as soon as their wife or husband does the same thing, they cannot take it. I do believe what goes around comes around. Therefore, do the right thing and be respectful to your spouse.

There are people who hit someone and fled the scene, and no one knows who did it. What if it were you? Would you want that to happen to you?

Finally, there are people committing all kinds of crime and some people are very much aware of who committed the crime, but they remain quiet. What if someone does something to you or your family, wouldn’t you want to know who did it so that justice can take place.


If we have empathy towards others and mind our own business, perhaps there will be more peace, love and joy and less gossiping. Now some people make some sincere mistakes. They did not think before they acted. In this case, the best thing to do is to acknowledge your mistakes, ask for forgiveness and do not repeat the mistakes. Always, consider the question, “What if it were you”?

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