What test do you have to pass?


What test do you have to pass?

Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates? 2 Corinthians 13:5


In most aspects of your life, one has to pass a test in order to get promoted. In order to get promoted from one grade to the next, many children have to pass a test. In order to be accepted in a college, you have to pass a test.  In the work place, you are given a probationary period and once you successfully pass your probationary period, you are confirmed in your post.

I know many of us like to use the scripture that promotion comes from God which is true but I believe we have to pass our tests in order to get promotion from God.

This article will examine some of the tests that we endure on a regular basis. I don’t know about you but I know it is a challenge for me to pass these tests.

Test of Trust and Faith

Abraham’s trust and faith were test.  God told Abraham he would be a father of many nations but given that he was old it look impossible but Abraham trusted and had  faith in God and became a father to Isaac at age 100.

Abraham’s faith was further tested when God told him to sacrifice Isaac. However, as Abraham was about to sacrifice Isaac, an angel of the Lord appeared and told him not to do it. Abraham passed the test.

What about your test of trust and faith? Your relationship with God is based on faith so pass this test and do not be afraid. Believe.

Test of Integrity and Honesty

Joseph was a man that passed the test of integrity. He was seduced by his boss’ wife and she lied on him. He went to prison and was forgotten but in the end he was promoted as the top official and was able to save his people from famine.

Be honest in everything you do and never compromise your integrity. Pass this test.

Test of forgiveness and Love

Joseph also face the test of forgiveness and love. His brothers did him harm but when he finally met his brothers after so many years, he forgave them for he did not harbor any unforgiveness and hatred in his heart.

I know people have done us so much wrong and it hard to forgive them and love them and move on especially if you are still hurting.  However, consider your circumstances as test. Maybe one of the reasons our prayers are not being answered is because we do not forgive and love. Please pass this test.

Test of Perserverance and Patience

James 1:3 states that the testing of your faith produces perserverance.

Job’s perserverance and patience in God were tested. Despite the fact that his wealth and children were taken from him, he remain patient and trusted in God. His wife even told him to curse God. Job was further inflicted with sores and suffered a great deal. Job did not give up on God. In the end, God blessed Job with twice as much as he had before.

Some of us have been waiting for so long for our breakthrough. Do not give up. Be patient. Pass this test.

Test of Loyalty and Obedience

Daniel was very loyal to God and refused to defile himself. In the end, Daniel was promoted to a top position in Babylon.

What about you? Are you loyal to God or the world? The Bible say no man can serve two masters. He will love one and hate the other. The Bible tells us not to turn to the right or the left. Obey the word of God and success will follow you. Pass this test.


I know it appears that some people talk their way, lie or cheat to get into positions without passing the test. However, they will not be able perform their tasks effectively because they did not pass the test and eventually they will be removed from that position. The best thing to do is equip yourself, study and pass the tests.

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