When someone dies, there is so much pain, grief, and suffering

Loving husband comforting crying wife ask for forgiveness or give support and sharing grief or loss

When someone dies, there is so much pain, grief, and suffering

Sometimes it does not go away but others can help with the process


Everybody will die one day but many of us live our lives each day as if we will not die. Death will hit our doors in one way or another, but we are never prepared for the impact of the death of someone especially if the person died suddenly.

The death of Andrea (Holly) Bassett – Riggs who was only 49 brought so much pain, grief and suffering to me personally. A day does not pass when I don’t think about this family especially the young children that were left behind. I pray often to God and ask him to allow me and my wife to live at least until our children become adults.

Her death brough back so many memories of other close friends and family of mine that die suddenly. It is not a good feeling; it is feeling that is indescribable. In fact, I believe you must experience the pain it to understand it.

Coping with pain, grief, and suffering

It is ok to feel the way you feel when a loved one dies. Sometimes that feeling does not go away and that is ok too. However, others can help ease that pain by reaching out and doing something for that grieving family. I know as someone dies, many of us sent sympathy and greetings immediately to the family but we cannot stop there. We must always remember that family and encourage them through a phone call or text as often as possible. Of course, we will have to be very sensitive about the feelings of people and so we must be very careful what we say to them and what we say to others about them. One thing we should not say is that it is time for people to move on after the death of a loved one. This is an inappropriate thing to say. Let people grieve if they want to and try to put yourself in their position.

Do you know what else you can do to help that family? Surprise them with lunch or dinner so that they do not have to prepare lunch and dinner themselves. Take them out for a drive and ask them more about the person they lost so that they can talk about that person.  You see one of the remedies of easing the pain is to cherish the memories of loved ones.

Likewise, I encourage those persons who are in pain, to talk to someone about their feelings. You do not have to be alone in this journey. Also remember if your loved one was saved, you can be encouraged, knowing that you will see them again when God returns. I don’t know what to say to people whose loved ones were not saved.  However, for those unsaved persons who are still alive, you have an opportunity to become save. The thing is we do not know when death will hit our doors, but we know it will happen sooner or later.


I know most of us perhaps do not think about dying but what we should do is to be conscious of the fact that one day we will die. Therefore, we must commit to the Lord so whenever that day comes, the grieving family will have hope that they will see you again.

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