Who is your greatest Supporter?

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Who is your greatest Supporter?

Sometimes it is a stranger but I am my greatest supporter.


The Australian actor Health Ledger said “Your Biggest supporter is a stranger and your Biggest hater is someone you know well.”  Sometimes it is true that a stranger is your biggest supporter and some of the people you know well do not support you. However, I encourage you to be focused as you make your strives in life. You can easily become distracted when you realize that some of the people that you thought were close with you are not your supporters. In my opinion, your greatest supporter should be you. You need to believe in your calling and if you believe in your calling, then you need to become your greatest supporter.

Be Your Greatest supporter

Too many times, we are so preoccupied with validation from others. While it is always good to get encouragement from others, be your greatest supporter. No one knows what you are going through and if some of you are like me, I don’t discuss my issues with others. Sometimes it is just me and God having a conversation and therefore I have to encourage myself to push forward. You see some of the people that say they support you, do not support you and when you find out they are not sincere, you may end up becoming hurt and feel betrayed therefore always support yourself. Tell yourself you are the greatest. Tell yourself you can do it. Just work in silence and fulfill your purpose. Stop living your life to please others. It does not make sense if you are looking for support from others when you are not supporting yourself.

Families and Friends can be your greatest supporters too

For some people, their greatest support is their family and friends. In fact, if you family and friends are sincere and really care about you, they should be some of your greatest supporters. I know my family and my close friends are my top supporters and are not afraid to say so publicly. Unfortunately for some people, there are some families and friends who supposed to be close with them are not their supporters. There is a saying that familiarity breeds contempt. Perhaps they take you for granted or they feel that you are already bombarded by so many supporters that they don’t need to add to the numbers. Sometimes, there is also an element of jealousy and so some of the people close to you will not support you. Now sometimes it is not jealousy but sometimes the people that are close with you are friends with other people that do not support you and so they don’t want them to know that they support you. In any event, appreciate the support you have but still be your greatest supporter.

A stranger can be your greatest supporter too

For many people, strangers are their biggest supporters. They don’t know you personally but they admire you from afar and so they always encourage and support you. Why do you think so many people are successful? They are successful because they got the support from strangers; strangers that were impacted by their gifts. Therefore cultivate your gifts and your gifts will open doors for you. Now even though you will get support from strangers, still ensure that you are supporting yourself as well. You must be happy not just publicly but also privately as the strangers will not be with you in private. One way to be happy is to believe and support in what you do for yourself.


On a personal note, I am thankful for the strangers, friends and family particularly my wife and our children and my siblings who support me. While I am my greatest supporter, I could not do it alone.

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