Whose Voice is that? Is it the Lord’s voice,your voice or the devil’s voice?

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Whose Voice is that? Is it the Lord’s voice,your voice or the devil’s voice?

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. John 10:27


Every day we are face with countless decisions such as financial decisions, political decisions, family decisions and educational decisions. We find ourselves in a state of quandary as we do not want to make the wrong choices. We think we have the answers but we do not know if it is from God, from ourselves or even the devil.

Make sure that whatever you are doing lines up with direction of God’s plan for your life. For example, do not go in politics just because you need a steady salary each month. Do not get married because you are lonely and you are getting old. Do not accept any job because you have been unemployed for too long.

How to Recognize the Right Voice?

Spend adequate time

When you spend a lot time with someone like your parents, no matter where you are no matter how many different voices you hear, you will always recognize the voice of your parents. People may even try to imitate your parents’ voice to fool you but because you know your parents voice you will not be fooled.

Likewise, spend intimate time with God by reading his word and praying. Eventually, you will recognize the voice of God speaking to your inner spirit and you will be at peace. Practice listening to God. Therefore you should not be fooled by the devil or your imagination.

It Lines Up with the Word.

I do not think any parent that loves their children will give them wrong advice. Parents want the best for their children. God will not tell you do something that is contrary to the word of God. He is not a God of confusion, he is a not a God of disorder and he is not a God of hypocrisy. When you hear from God, his words will line up with his word. If someone else tells you something that God tells them to tell you, it should be a form of confirmation to you. If you are in state of confusion, disorder, then more than likely, the voice you are hearing is not from God.

Listen and Obey to the Voice of God.

Now that you know how to hear God’s voice, then listen to him. Many times, our earthly parents give her advice but we do take their advice. Sometimes we do not like what we hear as we have already made up our mind to do otherwise and so we do not listen and consequently we end up making the wrong choices.


I know sometimes we are in desperate situations and when we see an opportunity that can address our situation, we take it and sometimes we say it is from God. Make sure it is from God otherwise making a premature decision can result in conflicts, unhappiness, failures, losses and disasters.

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