Why can’t we come together like how others got together for the Queen baton relay?

Happy united team.

Why can’t we come together like how others got together for the Queen baton relay?

Unity is possible


The Queen Baton Relay takes place every four years before the commencement of the Commonwealth Games. The Baton is transported among all the countries participating in the Commonwealth Games and in the Baton is a message from the Queen. Apparently, this even symbolizes unity.

I must admit I was taken aback and very surprised to see the level of participation throughout the Turks and Caicos for this relay. I don’t know who organized the events, but the event on each island appeared to be organized and well supported.

What is so special about this Queen Baton Relay that brought the people together? Is it because the Queen is involved? Is it because of our passion for the Commonwealth Games? Is it because it is a status thing? Is it because it did not originate from Turks and Caicos?

Anyway, whatever the reason is, why can’t the residents of the Turks and Caicos come together in celebration of other events and issues that are facing our country.

We can come together

We are so divided over politics, nationalities, race and the financial status of individuals.  Because of the division, our country is in a chaotic state. The Queen Baton relay has demonstrated that we can come together no matter your political persuasion, nationality, race or background.

It seems to me that unity can be accomplished if we have the right leadership. A leadership that can influence others, a leadership that is passionate about something and a leadership that can organize.

I believe that there are individuals who are passionate about making a difference and want to bring people together, however some are afraid to take the lead because they feel they will be rejected.

We need to forget about our political affiliation. We need to overlook the nationalities and come together. We need to stop allowing the colour of one’s skin to divide us and finally we need to get over this financial status and treat people with respect.

Sometimes individuals call for demonstration and hardly any of us show up. Is it because we do not care? Is it because of who is leading the demonstration?

There are so many issues in this country that will only be resolved if we come together. Issues such as the high prices for the good and services, high level of crime, poor customer service, disparity in pay, people being taken advantage of and many people need help (physically, spiritually,  mentally and financially) I know we rely on those in authority to solve these issues, but if we unite and tackle these issues, we can alleviate the problems.


I know we can come together and not just one time but most of the time. It has proven that sports and music bring us together so let use these platforms to bring us together so that all of us can live in harmony and in peace.

Sometimes, we want to do things for credit and photo opportunities, it is time we do things from our heart and please do not allow the spirit of jealousy to overtake you.

If we come together, we can achieve so much. I challenge each of us today to try to unite.

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