Will “shut down” and “shut up” become the norm in the country?

Will “shut down” and “shut up” become the norm in the country?


Our country has a history of trying to shut people up when they express views that do no line with their views. Everyone has a right to express their views especially if they are highlighting shortcomings and recommending solutions. Do not let anyone shut you up or make you feel insignificantly for speaking up and out.

Now, we have another issue on our hands, the “shut down” syndrome if I may use that word. We shut down our country for four months due to COVID 19 and now there was a national shut down by DDME for a tropical storm.

Was it necessary to shut down our country on Thursday because of a tropical storm? There is too much power and decision making in the hands of a few individuals in this country.

We have just set a new precedence in this country by declaring a national shut down for a tropical storm.

Are shutting down and shutting up going to be the new trend in TCI? Should we continue to settle for these type of decision makings in our country?

Tropical Isaias

Tropical Isaias was travelling at a maximum winds of 60 mph and expected flooding was associated with this storm.  We have had winds stronger than this in the past and we remain open. What was so different now? Is it because we were in a shut-down mode as a result of COVID 19?

While the winds of Tropical Isaias intensified overnight and became a hurricane after the fact, the forecast was predicting a tropical storm with 45 mph and there was no need to shut down the country on Thursday.

The Confusion

The DDME notification to shut the country down has created not only losses in the private sector but also confusion. DDME set out an advisory saying that there will be a National Shut down. On Thursday there was clarification from the AG stating the advisory from DDME was not mandatory. If it was not mandatory then why were some businesses and individuals forced to shut down by the police and why was there a time on the notice of shut down.

Because of the confusion, businesses were closed, employees were sent home, airlines discontinue flying in, Govt Depts were closed and so businesses did not have the opportunity to enjoy the two additional days for business licence without penalty. As a result, significant losses were encountered.


I think the shutting down of a country should not come directly from DDME. DDME can advise the Government and then the Government through the Office of the Premier can either accept or reject their recommendation and advise the public on whether or not there is a shut down.


Does DDME have new guidelines and procedures as when to recommend a shutdown of our country? Was this instructions from DDME legal? If not, will anyone be held accountable for this? Of course not, we reward and praise them.

As far as I know we should have never shut down our country for a tropical storm. Maybe there is something going on that I am missing. I have reach a point now where I am tired of the decisions being made by individuals in the public sector who continues to enjoy their benefits while making lives hard for us in the private sector.

Shutting up and Shutting down should never become the norm in our country unless there is an emergency.

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