Work Hard. A fifth recipe for success.

Work Hard. A fifth recipe for success.

“Those who work their land will have abundant food, but those who chase fantasies have no sense.” Proverbs 12:11

“All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.” Proverbs 14:23

“For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.” James 2:26


There are some individuals who think they can talk themselves in and out of situation without working. There are some relationships that are based on mere talk. Some people are very gifted and have convinced their partners to stay in a relationship by just talk. Then some of us are just dreaming and waiting for our success without working for it. However, faith without works is dead.

Sometimes talking works but only on a temporary basis as eventually you will talk yourself out of a job or out of a relationship because the truth will be revealed as there will be no evidence of work. Therefore it is important for you to discontinue the mere talk and work hard whether it involves your career, marriage, family and even your spiritual life.  Working hard is my fifth recipe for success.

The Apostle Paul

Paul who persecuted the church of God worked so hard. In fact, the word of the Lord stated in 1 Corinthians 15:9-10 that he worked harder than all of them. I don’t know why he worked harder than all of them. Paul said he fought a good fight and there is a crown of righteousness stored for him. Perhaps this is why he worked so hard because he knew what the prized would be at the end of the race.

Work hard

The word of the Lord states that hard work brings a profit. Too many of us are just lazy and have no ambition. Some of us believe that we are automatically entitled to certain positions and resources without working for it. While there are certain privileges for some individuals, you still have to work for it.

If you are in the business field, there is a lot of competition and so you have to work hard to have a competitive edge over your competition. Successful entrepreneurs worked hard to become successful. They did not work just form 9 to 5 but they work continuously to be on top of the game. There are some new employees that are promoted faster than older employees and most times it is because they worked hard. Unfortunately, some employees spend many hours warming seats and surfing the internet and then get upset when others who came after them are being promoted.

Believe or not there is competition in relationships. Husbands and wives have to work hard to maintain a solid relationship. Some individuals (married or single) have no regard for marriage and will continue pursue other married persons. They may provide that void that is missing in your marriage and therefore in order for a marriage to be successful, it requires a lot of hard work and commitment. Love alone will not save the marriage.

In our relationship with God, no matter how matured you are, your relationship can failed. There is so much temptation and if you are not alert, you will fall for the trap of the enemy. Therefore, work hard to maintain your relationship with God. Stay in word and do what the word says.

Children be the best you can and one way to be the best you can is to work hard. Do not take the easy route. If you know what you enjoy, you will not worry about working hard.


Working hard can be tiresome, lonely and challenging at times. Sometimes you may feel you are working so hard and you are not getting anywhere. Remember there are seasons for everything and it is just a matter of time before your realize you payoffs so be patient during this process.

While this article encourages you to work hard, it is important that you find ways and means to work smart so that you can maintain a balanced life with your family.

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