You are in your current position and place for a reason.

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You are in your current position and place for a reason.

God is preparing you for something.


Everybody has a free will to move and go to places wherever they want to go but God has allowed  some of you to be in some places for a reason. Some of you may be suffering right now and do not understand why you are in this place or position, but I know if it is God who put you there, then he is preparing you for something. He may even be saving you from destruction if you were in the other place.

Do you remember the story about Joseph? Joseph’s brothers sold him, and he ended up in Egypt. He probably was lonely because he was away from his entire family. He was also in prison for something he did not do. However, the truth is that God had this plan set up already whereby Joseph would be in a prominent position in Egypt to save the Israelites from famine.

Preparation for prosperity

Jeremiah 29:11 states “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.’ God is preparing some of you for prosperity. If you had stayed in that other place, you may have being able to prosper. Prosper does not necessarily mean financially but spiritually as well. Some of you are in some jobs and God is allowing you to connect and network with other people so that when the time is right, you can establish your own business and become successful through these networks.

Some of you are in some foreign countries but God is equipping you with a lot of experience and knowledge so that some of you can return to your birth land and hold a key position thus becoming prosperous. Some of you may not return home but wherever you are, you are in a better position to help your brothers and sisters in your homeland.

Preparation for humility

Some of us need to be in a place of humility. We are full of ourselves and sometimes God allow us to be in a place so that we can humble ourselves.

Preparation for closeness to God

Some of us have drifted away from God and some of us do not believe in God. Therefore, I believe that God is putting us in a position so that we can depend and rely on him. You may have a health issue and maybe this will drive you closer to God. You may have lost your job and maybe this may bring you closer to God. You may be feeling lonely and perhaps this state of loneliness will bring you closer to God.

Preparation for a good opportunity

Some of you are in a place for a good opportunity, an opportunity that you may not have receive anywhere else. You may be complaining about where you are now but thank God for the opportunity. The opportunity may not necessarily be for you, it can be for your children. Some of you may have to compete with so many others in your homeland but the place you move to may have less competition and so a better opportunity existed for you and your family.

Preparation for safety and protection

God allow some of you to move because if you had stayed in that place, you may have been unsafe.  You may have been in more trouble. However, this place that you are in now, is a place for your protection.

Preparation for appreciation

Sometimes we do not appreciate what we have or even appreciate our own place until we move to another place. The grass may appear greener but when you get to that place, you realize the grass is not as green as you thought and as a result you start to appreciate the people and the things you took for granted.


I know many of us may not be happy in the position or place you are in but if it is God that allowed you to be in that state, don’t complain. Endure the ups and downs because God is preparing you for something great.

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