You can be an agent of change without going into politics

Nothing changes if nothing changes

You can be an agent of change without going into politics


For too long we have been depending on politicians to be the change agents in our societies and while it is true that one of the roles of a politician is to create legislation to empower the citizens and bring about changes, you can also be a change agent. In fact, I think you will be more effective being a change agent than a politician because with politics we are divided over politics and furthermore there is so much bureaucracy when it comes to Government and politics. I believe that many individuals that go into politics have great intentions but when they get there, they realize that Government does not work how they thought it would work.

Therefore, an alternative to politics is for individuals to come together and make the necessary changes in the World. You may ask how one can make effective changes without going into politics. Well, this article will highlight how we can be agents of change without going into politics.


One of the greatest way anyone can bring out change is through education. We can educate ourselves so that we become knowledgeable in our fields and once you become educated, no one can take the knowledge away from you. You can also help others become educated by sharing the knowledge that you have.  You can establish schools and train individuals to become better productive citizens. There are also online classes for anything you need to do and the fee for the courses are reasonable.

Too many of us are ignorant about certain things but the moment we become educated, it will make a significant difference in our lives which in turn will make a positive impact in the communities.

There are so many individuals who were not able to complete their education for a number of reasons. Some young girls became pregnant and to discontinue schools. There are many illegal people in the country and while I do not support illegals, many of these individuals will remain in the country and may end up creating many social issues due to lack of education.

You can also educate individuals through seminars, workshops, and writing articles. You can also educate others through hiring them at your business. Train them and let them understudy someone in your organization. It should not be about the bottom line all of the time, it should be about helping others to reach their full potential.

Too many of us have the knowledge but we are not doing anything with it to help others. Education is one the successful keys to bring about changes in a society.

Come together

I recently became a member of the TCI Writers Society. Through the Society I was able to meet other individuals and forge a relationship with them. In politics, it is very difficult to bring people together if they are not on the same political party. However, we can form different groups in our society and you will find that people of different political persuasion and backgrounds will come together and make a difference in a society. I think this is another way in which we can become agents of changes in a society without getting involved in politics.

Stand Up and Speak Out

Sometimes changes do no take place because we don’t say anything. We are too quiet. We see injustices taking place but don’t speak out against it. We see people being taken advantage of and don’t say anything. Sometimes, we think one voice will not make a difference. I can assure you, one voice does make a difference. The right people are listening and will make the changes that you are speaking about if you cannot do it yourself.

It is time for more people to stand up and speak out but of course have all of your pertinent information together. Make sure it is factual. Don’t stand up and speak out on hearsay, gossips and rumours because you will lose credibility and the changes you want may not take place.


Based on the feedback from many individuals, I am making a change in their lives through my writings, my YouTube channels and the Financially Speaking Show. Therefore, you too can bring about a change without going into politics. Of course there is a need for politicians, but politics is not everything. You as an individual have so much power so use it to be a change agent.

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