You Existence on this Earth is Not a Mistake. You have A Purpose to Fulfill.

you are not a mistake

You Existence on this Earth is Not a Mistake. You have A Purpose to Fulfill.

Before I formed you in the womb, I Knew You and before you were born, I set You apart. Jeremiah 1:5

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful. I know that full well. Psalms 139:14


Many of us came into this world under different circumstances, rest assured that you have a purpose on this earth and your birth is not a mistake. Some of you have lost your parents when you were born or even when you were young and you feel rejected or lost. Some of you may have been born with some type of defect and you think you were a mistake. Some of you may be struggling academically or financially and you may think you are mistake. Some of your parents did not plan your birth and you think therefore you were an accident or mistake. While your parents may not plan your birth, God sure did.

I truly understand how you feel for there were many occasions where I questioned my existence on this earth. Today I am so proud to know that I am not a mistake. I was created for a purpose and I will fulfil my purpose. You too were created for a purpose.


You are not a Mistake

The fact that you came into world is a major accomplishment. God knew you before you were even born and he set you apart. Unfortunately, some children did not make into the world. Some died while a baby and some parents decided to abort the unborn.

I believe you are blessed to be a part of this world because God does not make any mistakes. Your mother may have been a teenager when you were born. Your father may have deserted the family that you were born into. Despite all of the above you are not a mistake.

We have seen stories of people who thought they were a mistake are now confident about their purpose and existence of their purpose. I am a living example of someone who thought my coming into this world was a mistake.

Think about the testimony of Nick Vujicic

Many of us have our faculties in place. However, imagine people being born without major faculties. Nick Vujicic was born without arms and legs and as result was faced with many challenges. He questioned his purpose but today, Nick has overcome his struggles and has done well for himself. He is an inspiration to many, speaking to millions of people all over the word. He gives all of his credit to our God. He is an author. He is a husband and father of 4 children.

I believe some of our challenges that we faced today cannot be compared to Nick’s and yet we questioned whether or not we are a mistake. Each time, you think you are a mistake, think about the struggles that Nick had to endure. He endured depression, loneliness, teasing, bullying, suicidal thoughts, low self esteem and many other issues.

Like Nick, you too can overcome your issues and develop a positive attitude knowing that God does not make any mistakes. You came from God and because you came from God, know that you are not mistake.

You Have a Purpose

I hope by now you have come to a realization that you are not a mistake and that there is a purpose for your existence.  As I have said over and over again, there are gifts within you. Spend a lot of time with God. He will direct your paths and reveal your gifts. I thought my purpose was to be an accountant but that is not my purpose.  Perhaps many of you are thinking the same thing that your current career is your final destination.  Maybe it is for some of you but I know that each of us has a gift inside of us that will transform and inspire lives. My purpose is something greater than being an accountant and I am cultivating my purpose through my weekly articles.

Do not look at your struggles as the end game. It is part of your journey to take you to your destination of purpose. The issues that I encountered during my life journey propelled me to do what I am doing it now. I just discovered my purpose and so I am in the infant stage of fulfilling my purpose as I have many other upcoming initiatives that will allow me to do what God created me to do.


Based on my personal experience, you may find that some of the things you detest the most may be part of your purpose. I did not like writing during primary, secondary or tertiary education. Today, one of the greatest satisfactions I have in life comes through my writing. It just flows naturally. You too have something that flows naturally. Find it and you will be fulfilled after discovering your purpose and knowing that you are not a mistake.

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