You Will Be Alright

Confident female doctor holds hands of ill patient, persuades everything will be alright

You Will Be Alright


Sometimes you feel like your world is turned upside down. You have lost so many family members and friends recently and frequently. You feel like you are losing your mind. You feel like you cannot get anything done. You feel like a failure. You feel like you are going backward instead of forward. You feel like you cannot save even one dollar. You are so disappointed on the outcome of your life. You see others are doing so well and you are still struggling. The doctor has just given you a bad health report and you are so worried. 

No matter what you are facing, continue to do what is right because I believe if you do what is right, you will be alright. I know you may say you are doing everything right but yet your world is turned upside down. Please note that you will be alright.

It won’t be too long

I don’t know how long your circumstances will last but I do know it will not last forever. Some of you have been going through some issues for years, you have been praying for a breakthrough and you have done everything that the professionals told you to do but yet you are in the same condition. Keep praying and keep doing what you were told to do. It won’t be too long now. It is just a matter of time.

Trials and Tribulations will come

No matter how good you are and how close you are with God, you will face trials and tribulations. It is part of our life experiences and because of that fact, expect trials and tribulations. If you don’t have any trials and tribulations, then something is wrong. It is how you deal with your trials and tribulations that will determine your outcome.  The word of the Lord says “count it all joy when you meet trials of various kinds.” I know no one wants to be rejoice in trials and tribulations but I know one thing you will be alright.

Learning Lessons

Whatever you are going through, consider the learning lessons from it. Don’t spend too much time trying to figure out your issues but spend time trying to learn from them. You may say there is nothing you can learn from losing a loved one. The truth is we all have to die one day and we need to learn that life is a mist. Therefore do what is right. Even if your loved ones die, you will grieve but you will be alright and they will be alright especially if they knew the Lord.

You will be alright

I know sometimes you may feel lonely and perhaps you think no one understands what you are going through but rest assured, everyone is going through something. However, you will be alright. You are protected. The word of Lord says in Psalms 91 “A thousand may fall at your side, then thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you.” You got to be believe you will be alright. If you believe you are not going to be alright, you will not be alright. The key thing is to do what is right despite your circumstances. In Genesis 4:7, it states “if we do not do what is right, sin encroaches.”


You may not have a lot of money. You may not be in a good healthy condition. However, if you have the Lord in your life and you do what is right, you will be alright. Be patient. Don’t ever give up.

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