Your Party wins!

What’s next? 90

Your Party wins!

And then what?



The general election in the Turks and Caicos is less than a year away. Both political parties are in the preparation mode for a political campaign. Some supporters and candidates are excited about the election. An individual told me she just likes the excitement of the elections. Does this mean that many others have the same mindset? They just want their party to win. After the party wins, what do we do next. Here is what we should do.

Politician must find the time

I know being in public office is challenging and time consuming, but the politicians must find the time to engage with the people on a regular basis. Social media is perhaps the easiest and fastest way to communicate. However, we need the politicians to have more face-to-face meetings. During the campaign, there is a lot of face to face, do the same thing when you become the Government.

The Politicians must live up to the promises

Politicians make a lot of promises during the campaign. Politicians must understand how Government works and come back to the people and be honest with them. If there is a promise you have made and you cannot deliver it, let them know. Likewise, if there is a promise that you can deliver, then make sure you live up to delivering the promises. Trust me if you can live up to your promises, you can win election after election.

Don’t labelled the electorate

After you win, you are the Government for the people.  Don’t look at the electorate as PNP or PDM but look at them as one people. The elections are over. Use the best people to serve on boards no matter their political affiliation.

Hold the politicians accountable.

The electorate must hold the politicians accountable. No matter what political party or person you support in the general election, once they win their seat hold them accountable and constructively criticize them. Too many of us are too quiet because we do not want our politicians to feel like we have betrayed them. If you do not hold them accountable, then you are sending the wrong messages to them.  It is time for more of us to speak out and speak up. Stop allowing your allegiance to political parties from holding politicians accountable.


I am tired of all the rhetoric leading up to the elections. Electing people to manage the affairs of your country is a serious step. That is why it is important for you to hold them accountable. When you hold someone accountable, they will be under a lot of pressure to perform and if they perform it will be in the best interest of the country.

Let us start focusing on what is next after the elections rather focusing on making sure your party wins.

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