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Let us stop the negative name calling

It is not a joking matter but rather very harmful


If you have been following my writings or read my book (Rise Up and Take Your Position), you will know that I suffered from inferiority complex, and it all started from negative name calling.  Thankfully after suffering for so many years I have overcome this painful experience.  I know I overcame this because I am unbothered by the name calling. I was tested recently when a lady called me ugly not just once, but three times. She may have been joking but I don’t know whether she was joking or not, it was not nice nor was it appropriate what she did.  I did not get into any confrontation with the lady, but her negative calling prompted me to write this article.

Too many people are allowing negative words to come out of their mouths. Parents are saying negative things to their children and when children become what they spoke over their lives, they wonder why their children are like that.  Siblings are calling each other negative names. The power of life and death is in the tongue and our name calling is impacting the lives of people. We are killing people by the very words we speak. We are interfering with the destination of people by what we say.

I encourage all of you including myself to think before you speak. Do not speak anything negative over anyone. Always say something positive.

The impact of negative name calling

Many people are suffering from low self-esteem just because of what they were called. Unfortunately, some of us do not even realize what we are doing. If you keep calling someone dumb, they may become dumb. You called someone nasty, they become nasty. You call someone stupid; they may become stupid. You called someone an idiot; they may become an idiot. By calling people these names, we are basically putting a curse on the lives of these individuals. This may sound simple, but it is so true. If you don’t think this is true, think about some of the people who you addressed negatively. Also think about the names that people called you. Weren’t you impact by it? I interviewed a young lady recently on my youtube channel which you will see in a few weeks and during the interview, she revealed she suffered from low self because she was being teased about her tall height. Now you may think this is not an issue but what you think may not be an issue may be an issue for someone else.

Calling someone a negative name may impact someone’s self-worth.  Some people even commit suicide because of the name calling. You see some people have been called negative names from their homes and so they think that is who they are. That is why it is important for us to have a positive home environment so at least when people go in the community, hopefully they will remember the positive things spoken at home and so they will be not bothered by what is spoken to them in the community.

Overcoming negative calling

One way to counteract negative calling is to be positive and to speak positive things speak positive things over the lives of individuals. Parents no matter how your children look or act, don’t say anything negative to your children. Encourage their siblings and friends to say something positive to one another. The more positive things they you instill in others, the more they can think positive about themselves.

Another way to overcome negative calling is not to respond with a negative calling. I know sometimes people may tell you if someone call you a negative name, you should also call them a negative name. This does not solve anything. In fact, it makes matters worst because it may become confrontational and end up in violence.

If someone calls you a negative name, talk to someone about it. Don’t be like me. I kept everything to myself, smiling on the outside but suffering on the inside. I believed if I had talk to someone about what was going on, I would not have suffered that long from low self-esteem. The thing is if you don’t say anything to someone, people may not know what you are going through and if they do not know what you are going through, then no one can help you.


Some people may not realize the impact they are doing by the negative name calling. However, I hope after reading this article, you become conscious of the impact that name calling has on individuals. Negative name calling is so mean. Why do we have to be mean to others. Let us be kind to one another.

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He who feels it, knows it

Don’t ever say you were never do that


Sometimes we hear and observe some of the decisions that some people make and we cannot comprehend why they do what they do. Most times, you must go through a similar situation to understand and appreciate what people are going through.  There are people who continue to grieve over their loved ones who passed away and perhaps they died many years ago. The initial response from some of us is that these individuals need to let go. This is easier said than done. We don’t know what these individuals are experiencing.  That loved one could have been that individual’s only child. I too did not have empathy for persons that went through grief until I lost someone who was very close to me. Therefore, I agree with the saying “He who feels it, knows it more.”

He who feels it knows it

There are some of you who have an issue with people who got divorce and some of us would say we would never get a divorce. We don’t know what some people went through in their marriage. They may have encounter abuse and betrayal. On the other hand, there are some people that continue to stay in their marriage despite the cheating and abuse. There are also some situations whereby individuals remarried shortly after the loss of their spouse and some of us began to question that.   Again, he who feels it knows it.

There are some people who give up easily and many of us questioned why they gave up. We do not know what people are going through. We do not know the stress that some people have in their lives. We do not know their level of faith. We do not what is going on in their minds.  Trust me it is so easy to give up especially when the future looks so dim. There are many times I felt like giving up but because of my love for my family and my faith in God, I persevere.  However, not everybody can do that. Even people that believe in God, sometimes give up.

I know many of you had a problem with the way your parents chastised you and you probably say you will never chastise your children in that same manner. However, some of us are repeating the same patterns as our parents. Until you became a parent, you realize what your parents had to go through.

Some of you also criticized your leaders and say you will never do what they do. Being a leader is not easy and from the outside it looks easy. You do not know half the story that leaders go through. The hands of some leaders are truly tied. You do not know the parameters that some leaders must work with. Furthermore, while you are sleeping, your leaders are “burning the midnight oil.” When I was the CEO for Cable & Wireless, I had many sleepless nights trying to develop plans to help our employees and customers. Some of us also believe that if we were to go into politics, we would do things differently but when we get there, we are doing the same thing as your predecessors. We don’t understand and appreciate how government works until you get into government.


I am on dialysis and there is a particular patient who experience cramps frequently. While she is cramping, she used to scream so loudly and I used to say myself, why this lady cannot be quiet as it cannot be that awful. Well, one day, I experienced a cramp while I was on dialysis. It was a nightmare for me. I finally understood what the lady was experiencing. He who feels it, knows it more. Therefore, don’t ever say you would never do that. Of course, there are certain standards I have in my life that I will continue to uphold and will do my best not to compromise them. For example, I don’t think I will ever get drunk or smoke, but I am not going to judge those individuals who drink and smoke as I don’t know what drove these individuals to take that route.

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Free, but still enslaved

Slavery exists in many different forms and some of us are guilty of it


On August 1st, many places celebrated Emancipation Day to honour the freedom of our ancestors who were enslaved for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, modern slavery still exists.  Some people call their work place a slave plantation. Human trafficking is form of modern slavery.  Mental slavery is another form of modern slavery. The sad thing about modern slavery is that our very own race is guilty of committing such act, yet we are celebrating Emancipation Day. There is nothing wrong with celebrating this day but if we are serious about the freedom of others, let us lead by example by freeing ourselves and others from modern day slavery.

The workplace as a form of slavery

Many workplaces are practicing modern day slavery. Some of us may not agree with this but it is true. We are exploiting our employees. Some employees are being paid below minimum wage and below their worth. We know some of the employees need that job and so we take advantage of them. We worked them very hard and overtime without any additional compensation. We also threaten them about the security of their job especially if they are work permit holders. Some employees need additional help but rather than recruiting additional staff, we make our existing employees do everything. We treat some of our employees so mean and we look down on them especially if they are blue collar workers.

The workplace should be a place where employees are treated fairly and whereby employees are groomed to progress from one position to another position. The workplace should not be a form of slavery. It is time we stop taking advantage of people.

Human Trafficking as a form of slavery

Human trafficking is so prevalent throughout the world. Individuals particularly ladies and young girls are being exploited for sex. Of course, men are also being exploited for sex.

Humans are also being exploited for labour.  Many times, these individuals are promised great opportunities in other countries, but it was just a set up for some people to make money. These innocent individuals pay so much money to leave their country and some cases they used all their savings.

Our mental state as a form of slavery

Even though we may not be in physically chains, our minds our in chains. We still think we are not good enough and our own is not good enough. Many locals have been promoted to key positions in the workplace and you would think they would not practice modern slavery, but they are doing the same thing we accused the “white men or white women” for doing it. They are keeping their own down.

Our minds must be liberated. No one is better than you. Stop thinking little of yourself and of your own race. Look out for each other. Share your knowledge with others.  Give people a chance.


This is 2022 and it is very sad that slavery still exists. Bob Marley said, “emancipate yourself from mental slavery.” Many of us love to sing the song and many of us like to use this quote particularly on 1st August.

Everything starts with your mind. If you can emancipate yourself from mental slavery, the workplace will be a better place.  Furthermore, human trafficking will be alleviated. Let us therefore put an end to modern day slavery by not being apart of the examples mentioned above.

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Do not make assumptions

Discover the truth to avoid misunderstandings


I don’t know about you but many times I am very much guilty about making assumptions. While some people have a spirit of discernment, many of us are inaccurate about what we assume but we think we are right about our assumption. Making assumptions can lead to making the wrong decisions because your decisions were based on assumptions. Making assumptions can also lead to misunderstanding, not on speaking terms with others and ultimately ending relationship with others. It can even cause embarrassment to you and others.

Do not make assumptions

I remembered one time I was checking in two ladies, and I assumed one of the ladies was the mother and the other was the daughter. Of course, based on my assumptions, I spoke what I thought and called them mother and daughter. I was so embarrassed for myself and the ladies as they were not mother and daughter but rather, they were sisters. One lesson I learned from this experience is to stop assuming relationships about individuals and don’t even ask strangers about their personal lives.

Too many times, we assume we know what people are thinking and doing and as a result we behave in accordance with our assumptions. Sometimes you see others doing the same things as you and automatically you assume they stole your ideas and as result you keep a distance from those individuals.  While some people do follow others, it is possible for individuals to have the same ideas as you especially if the products or services that are being offered are in demand and represents the passion and gifts of that person.

Sometimes, we make assumptions about people and things based on their external appearances. This is a big mistake that many of us make and as a result you end up getting in wrong relationships because you assume the internal characters of the person are the same as the external appearances.

How to stop making assumptions?

One of the first things we can do to avoid making assumptions is to mind our own business. I know this is hard to do but many of us make assumptions about others when really and truly it is none of our business.

Another thing we need to know is to simply ask questions. Make sure your questions are relevant and not too personal like what I did in the example above. When I thought about the example I described above, I could have simply asked the two ladies if they were related and not ask if they are mother and daughter.

Recognize that all individuals do not think the same as you. Everyone is unique and has a mind of their own. Therefore, be specific and clearly communicate with others.

Many of us think we know everything and therefore we think our assumptions are correct. Remind yourself that no one knows everything including yourself.

Sometimes we assume things in place without confirming. Therefore, always confirm, otherwise it can cost you financially and mentally. Imagine going to the airport to check in for your flight and you discover that your documentation to fly has expired. You will not be able to get on that flight and you may have to purchase a new ticket. This happen because of not checking and assuming that all your documentation was intact.


Focus on the truth and stop making assumptions. Making assumptions can be very damaging and subconsciously forces you to think so negative about others. Always think positive and believe there is good in everybody. If you truly cherish your friends and family, simply ask them questions that you need to know rather than making assumptions.

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